Farewells....Fung....and Monkeys....!!!

I received all the photos you sent from Arizona meeting the new Mission President: President Merrill and Sister Merrill and Elder Montgomery's Mom...so cool!
So last P-day we went to family night with Rita Paulo and Gelson and Antonio and Sidonia - they are all members of the church now!  We got to make Fung and stir and batter the Fung in the pot and we made dinner together..super awesome!


We made Fung!!

Stirring the Fung!!

Friends and Fung!

Then I shared what you sent me mom in Ether 12:4 about having esperanca (Faith and Hope) for a better world and a better life.  I shared that with them and related it to Angola and how it is difficult to live each day here but through the scriptures and daily prayer we can make it.
So then we went to see Hiumn to talk with him about the Priesthood and then to Tete who is a member but sick with Polydeshimo- that so many people are sick with now.
We said goodbye to the Thompsons as they were going back to the United States after serving 2 back to back missions in Africa.  All the Elders went to their house that night and said goodbye. We all lined up and sang Nearer my God to Thee.  Was super emotional and they got out of the car and hugged us all.

All the Elders lining up for the Thompsons departure...

We visited Irma Isabel at the church and said goodbye to Filomena who was recently baptized and now moving to Vianna we shared a special moment when she bore her testimony, and she began to cry and then I looked into her eyes and I began to cry. I could not hold back the tears, the spirit filled the room like no other time, I was full of love for her and it was truly amazing.

Farewell to Filomena!

We visited Paulo he is such a champ and has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday.  He told us about a dream he had about going to church. Angolans have tons of dreams here it's crazy.
We had divisions the next day I went with Elder Stuart.  We ate with the Valdez family from Portugal.  then we went to Kito and Milokas.  They had been robbed the night before they tried to get in by breaking part of their door. She said the Police arrested the robbers.
We went over the baptismal interview questions with Joao and had a discussion with his daughter. We went to Serafim's house.  He began to tell us how hard that his life is and how that he doesn't have money for food he has to go out with his friends and eat their food, it was truly sad.
Funny story, Elder Stuart and I were in a Taxi van and I started talking to these guys about the church and he asked me if he came to the church would I take him to America...well not speaking or understanding the language that well I thought he asked it he could sit next to us during church, anyways I said YES and everyone in the taxi started shouting hey these guys will take you to America if you go to their church!
Sunday was a great day. After church we had a meeting with the Ward Missionaries and we are going to work more with the members. Super Stoked!
We went to dinner that night with the Wegglands (SP) our American family that lives in a super nice building that pretty much makes me feel like I am in America.  Anyways super awesome family, I love them, we had food that was shipped from the Kroger in The Woodlands, super awesome that even over here I am still eating food from the same stores that I bought food in back at home.
This P-day was great we went to an art festival and bought a few things...some African Art.
I saw some monkeys they were so cool!  I got really close and it tried to scratch at my eye.


Super awesome day.  We are about to head out to a family home evening with Joao and Paula.
Super awesome week I love you all keep moving forward!

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