Antonio..Siresty and Filomena!

I love the kids here!

This week we went to the Bia Family and had dinner with them.  We were asked to give blessings to all of the family there were 12! I had my first family night Elder Montgomery had me give the lesson I was super nervous. I taught them the story in 1st Nephi 16 when Nephi broke his bow and his family murmured and complained to the Lord and Nephi said I will go in faith.  Great lesson.  Even though my Portuguese was struggling..everyone said they could understand me.  Anyway I have been super tired waking up and trying to get my body clock to adjust. I think I am almost adjusted to the time difference.
So we went to see Anotonio we visited him in his store (like a rock hut) and gave him a lesson over baptism.  I got to invite him to be baptized and he said yes! Great Moment! Also on a side note...he has a really bad rat infestation,  He has rodents the size of my feet, running around beneath us!
Also got hit by a car this week..twice actually.  The taxis are crazy and I am pretty sure they try to hit us (Oh  just hit by the car mirror) not the full car. Just to let you know mom! Anyway the women over here can carry huge things such as big buckets of vegetables and stuff and whatever huge thing they have on top of their head. It's incredible! I've never seen such talent! We don't have electricity at times, but when we do it's great because we have air conditioning.  After a long day. That's a Hallelujah! We have to take bucket showers when we don't have electricity.  The apartment is nicer than I had expected.  It's very roomy but it has no furniture.  In their markets they sell meat and stuff and all of it is covered in flies.  It's super nasty. Nobody should eat that.  You could die, will die.
We had out first District meeting it was great and I got to know everyone in my district.  Great group of guys, anyways this place Luanda like every street looks the same and at first it was really tough I had no idea where we were and would get lost.
We have 2 baptisms this week. Siresty Grandi and Filomena.  They were taught by Elder Montogmery and the previous elder that was here but I am still super excited. They are awesome!
There is a lot of corruption here.  We were in this taxi just the other day and it got pulled over by the police.  The guy got out of the car with a 500 Kwanzaa bill and handed it to the cop then he just dove off.  The other set of Elders were coming home and witnessed a shooting from a robbing incident. Just thought I would share that.  Ok so anyway on a happier note.  I got to go to church for he first time, great ward, had an awesome time I absolutely loved it!

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  1. I love reading about his mission experiences! I'm going to read these to my kids each week. It is good for us to hear how different this part of the world is! Connor looks great!