Fung and Mucua...and shaved head!

Mucua Tree and Mucua Angolan Fruit!

So here is the low down on what happened this week. My Portuguese this week was mais ou menos bem. I feel like I have some days that are better than others.  I have been studying as much as I can. But I have found where I get the most help and experience the most growth is when I am talking with others. I try to do this often, so some interesting things happened this week.  Very cool things..we worked really hard and our numbers for weekly planing shot up this week,  It was awesome, I think I am getting used to the schedule.  It is very vigorous work, I come home each night exhausted.  Pass out on the bed and then it is already time to work again.  I am loving it though! Elder Montgomery and I tried having an English fast..only Portuguese this past Tuesday.  Almost lost my mind only trying to speak Portuguese, but anyways I really want to learn this language.
Tried some of the imbonderia fruit this week.  Also known as Mucua. The National fruit of Angola,  It was very dry and didn't taste like much.
We are teaching a lot some families and some individuals.  There is this one family Rita and Paula and they have 3 kids, they came to church this Sunday, they are reading the Book of Mormon.  I have been super stressed this week, the language, the heat, and the immense amount of focus, time scheduling everything!  P-day was a breather for me, I could relax for a bit.  Anyway the food is pretty good here.  Some of the stuff is strange but I haven't been sick. So I tried this delicacy here so to speak it is Fung.  It is made with water and flour.  Boiled and then beaten like crazy until it is thick enough to cut it with a knife.
We went to go see a woman who had stopped coming to church a few weeks ago.  It turns out that her husband has been beating her for wanting to go to church.  Horrible situation. Super sad, we were devastated. We set up an appt. for her to see the Branch President.
We met Arlindo from Brazil and Santana and taught them this week.
On Thursday morning we went to the church to fill the tank for the baptisms, we get there..thank goodness there was enough water to fill the font, so to fill the tank we have to bucket water out of a well and bring it to the font.  After 2 hrs. of bucketing we filled up the font.  The next day for the baptisms we showed up and the water was too low for the baptisms and it started in less than an hour.  So in our church clothes we hauled butt to bucket for about and hour, its a big tank, So finished that..all sweaty. Had the baptismal service for 6 people..was awesome!!
We had 9 people show up to church that we had been teaching the next day on Sunday! I was so happy!
When in contacting it seems s though most people are drunk.  Here beer is cheaper than water.  Everyone here in Angola drinks like all the time, it is really annoying sometimes. But the Angolans are so awesome, they are such loving and caring people.  They are just great:) The food is interesting, but I like it.  It takes  some time to get used to.  My favorite part so far has been that everyday something amazing happens.  I see the Lord's hand working here very swiftly. Everyday here is an adventure!

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