Loving the MTC...!

The Missionary Training Center
Weeks 1 & 2 HEY mom!! The MTC is going great!! I got all of your packages thank you so much for the food!! It meant a lot my district loves you for that.. and they haven’t even met you. My companion is cool he is 24 and from California. Great guy (: YES I did meet Greg’s friend he is in my district!@ HE is one of the new 18 year old missionaries!! He is going to Mozambique. The language is going great I’m learning so much!!!! I can literally give a discussion in Portuguese and have a conversation already just after 10 days!!! The MTC is great you should be getting a letter from me with more information about the MTC from me in the mail that I sent just 2 days ago so keep your eyes peeled at the mail. I love you!  (: Connor
3rd week I miss you guys so much! My district is the bomb and my Portuguese is going well... I think!  The ambassador of Portugal is coming to visit our district only. Its so cool! Even though I am going to Angola, Africa -Best mission! Elder Russell M. Ballard spoke at the MTC and that was awesome I love everyone here!
4th week I think my visa will be here in the next few weeks..so pumped to get over to Africa! Can't wait to start presenting the Gospel, Baptizing, and helping people come unto Christ. Wow never thought I would say that.  Got my Malaria medication the other day. The list of side effects are crazy. I am learning so much Portuguese! Love you all.
5th week Just got my travel plans today. Fun stuff has been happening all week.  The spirit is strong. We also have tons of fun. Other districts have so many issues and the only issue our district has is that we love each other too much! I am studying so much in the language I'm killing it...I think.  It takes a lot of patience and effort.  I can give the restoration, apostasy, baptismal commitment, the first vision all in Portuguese now! And basic conversation skills... I am still learning but that will come!  I was deemed the Travel leader for our group so I have to make sure everyone is ready. We fly to Chicago, then London, then Luanda. I leave April 1st and get there April 3rd. Crazy!
6th week This is my last P-day in the MTC that has gone by fast! In three days I will be going on a plane to Africa.  I've learned so much already. Mostly about myself and about the Gospel. I wonder how I was able to make it on a mission.  I've learned that it is obviously because I have such an amazing family.  I just have to say that each of you played a role.  I love you all.  A little more about my district: My 24 year old companion used to be a DJ, Elder Sortenelli is from New Zealand and he reminds me of the Belbins! I start packing up all my things tomorrow.  President Krietly wants me to bring some of the new "12 week program packets".  We are learning so much everyday I am lucky to have a moment to myself.  It is crazy how much my life has changed. I had in field orientation yesterday and learned how we should work with members when we are out in the field.  Overall I loved my MTC experience.  It was really hard work. But when I started loving to work hard that's when it started being fun:) I am going to call everyone when I get to London.  I love you and miss you all!

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