Birthday!!...Transfer to Luanda...New Companion from Africa...Elder Figuiero!!

Happy Birthday Elder Dunkley Nov. 2nd!!

Week of Nov. 24th

This week was a great week and we worked really hard, we are teaching a lot of people in this area.  My New Companion is Elder Figuiero and he is from Mozambique, Africa. I am trying to learn from him since he is a native speaker and continually improve my Portuguese.
We had some cool things happen this week.  We had our District Conference and it was fantastic. We went to the Priesthood session on Saturday and we learned how to be better leaders and then we had a General session with everyone on Saturday night where President Merrill talked about the family and things we can do better here to keep the families more safe and protected and become more united.  It was a really great day and then we had the General Conference session the next day.  The members from the other Branches that I had served in came and I was able to see some of the members and investigators from some of the other areas.  It was so great! I got to see some people from Viana that I really missed and all of Alberto and Claudice's family from The Congo.  I got some pictures that I will send.  After Conference we all went to the Mission Presidents house to have lunch and we had a nice meal there with Sister Merrill We are teaching some treat people and tomorrow I get to walk with the President and he is going to accompany me for a few lessons which should be a great experience.  Happy Thanksgiving Family!! I love you!!

Back in Luanda

Week of Nov. 17th

Living in Luanda

I am really enjoying this area, even though Terra Nova had a lot of great memories.  We had a lot of lessons this week, it was like good old Cassaquel, for some reason there is always so much work in this area more so than in any other Branch that I have served in.  It's been great!  We also had a new American family move in, they have 3 little kids, between 5 and 10 and they just run around with all of the African kids yelling in english they can't understand each other! The Dad served a mission in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese and he works in the American Embassy here. I had to translate all of Sacrament meeting for 5 people through a headset and I will be doing that until I go home.  Translating is not an easy thing WOW! T I also got to go to Brother Weggelands and have dinner there, which was so nice, everyone still remembers me from when I was here almost 2 years ago.  I was very excited to see everyone and it was a great reunion. Super awesome.  Everything you guys have sent has been donated to the people at this point.  District Conference is on Saturday and Sunday so that should be great, I am really excited for it.  I wish you all a great week! Love you so much!

They carry everything on their heads

Week of Nov. 10th


So Transfers this week!  I will be going back to Cassaquel but in another area.  I will be living in the first house that I lived in when I started my mission.  It was great the pictures of Ryan Johnson coming home from Singapore.  I am using the Portuguese Plan of Salvation they all love it!  It explains it so much better and its a lot easier for them to understand when they have a visual aid and can really see the plan laid out. Thank you so much it works great!  Mason you are huge! Jensen you have grown too!  Ash you are still the same!  Riles you are amazing! Love you bye, sorry its such a short email but I have to pack for the transfer!

Week of Nov. 3rd

With Moises

Hi Family!  I loved the pictures and all the emails and YES I did get the birthday packages last week!  I loved them so much!  Thank you! I was able to have a Birthday Celebration yesterday!  It was really awesome and we made the brownies!

Birthday celebration

Conference was great it was long because we watched all 4 sessions at one time.  It was nice to be able to understand all of it.  For the first time one of the speakers spoke in Portuguese and we didn't have to have a translator and everyone was so into Conference.  It is so much better to hear it straight from the speaker and not have through a translator everyone was really paying attention.  We are still working with Moises although it seems his family has been trying to convince him not to join the church.
We got a call from Jurtrude, Carlos Fonescas wife and she wanted us to come over and help Carlos, he had been drinking for about a week straight and his body collapsed and he was in serious pain.  He was in a sweat and in a ball when we came over and we gave him a blessing and let him rest.  We came back the next day and his skin was peeling but he was doing much better. It's such a sad situation.
I had a great birthday celebration and we went to a Restaurant where they played live music.  It was really fun.  I miss you all so much!  Thank you for the Birthday wishes!
Love Elder Dunkley
P-day Birthday Celebration...now 21!!