Riots in Angola.....Tasted Rat!

Happy with the Venancios Family

More with the Venancios Family!!

Albertos Family

More with the amazing Albertos family!

Hello family! It was wonderful to hear from you all today, we are on the computer a little bit early today at 3:30 a.m. your time, we are just doing our internet with emails today and shopping and having a half day P-day because we are going over to the Mission Presidents house on Thanksgiving. The riots have been affecting our work so this past Saturday again the entire mission was indoors and we were not allowed to leave the house, about something that happened at the jail with 2 citizens being killed and so the people are very mad and protesting .  So the whole mission in Luanda was not allowed to leave.  I really want all of the Elders that are waiting in Texas to get their Visas and make it over here…we need more Elders! Elder Dredge and I are still taking care of 2 areas, the biggest areas in the mission, crazy we need them, we are however receiving 5 Mozambicanos from Mozambique the 11th of December which will be awesome!  Their visas have already been approved!
So the plans for this Thursday are that we will all be going over to the Presidents house to have AMTB the Angola Mission Turkey Bowl! We are going to play soccer and we all be divided into teams and then we are going to feast on a big dinner…I am so stoked!

With Elder Dredge

I will get to see all of you on skype for Christmas and that will be the best Christmas ever for me!
It is getting pretty hot over here as we are approaching the summer and its getting really hot!

Inancio and His wife

So this week it was great to see so many of our investigators progress, it has been a time of reaping the rewards of finding here in Viana and it has been amazing.  We were able to visit some of our recent converts Lala and also less actives. We had a wonderful lesson with Cilestina and Suzana and Avo Rosalina and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. I was on a division with the Zone Leader Elder Pimentel, he is a Brazilian and a Stalwart, amazing missionary.  We are so stoked because Avo Rosalina will be baptized this next month!

Avo Rosalina

Celebrating our Birthdays: Elders Dredge, Banta and I

Celebrating with the Birthday Package!

We weren’t able to keep some of our appointments because of the riots, such a bummer, we are hoping this does not continue because this is the second time.Yesterday we had lunch at the Presidents house and I ate rat for the first time, President asked us if we wanted to try rato (rat) I said yes of course…haha.. anyways so he literally brought out a bucket full of dead rats, still in their original form, and some with hairs still on it, I picked it up in my hand and took a bite out it, it tasted like beef jerky, that taste stayed in my mouth..it was cool! That was the week, the ward is doing great…the work continues to grow and Angola is receiving the blessings especially here in Viana, I love you all, Elder Dunkley(:


"Vale a Pena" It is Worth it!

With Elder Dredge and new converts

Hello Famlia!! I wasn’t able to get on the computer yesterday and I was sorry I could not let you know, I hope that you did not worry too much.  Yesterday Nov. 11th was Angola’s Independence Day and no internet cafĂ© was open so all of the missionaries weren’t able to email home.  I loved all the emails you sent... also Mom I finally got the Birthday Package…I loved it...especially the letters. Elder Dredges Birthday was on the 28th of October and Elder Banta is tomorrow we are all in the same house so we are going to celebrate tomorrow night
 I sent you all letters today so hopefully they will get their soon.  It is expensive to send letters about 3.50 per letter.  Sorry there are not many pictures we are advised not to bring our cameras because of the dangers of being robbed.
 I always think about the times mom, that we would go on walks when I could not sleep at night, and you would always say let’s go for a walk.  While I was serving with Elder Hannay I had several nights where I wasn’t feeling well and we would go on a walk outside the condo, and I would look at the moon and think those same words you said to me about seeing the moon from the other side of the World. It is so refreshing to go on walks, I walk a lot but on the mission you walk with purpose and its usually fast so you don’t get much time to relax, anyway I miss you so much and I can’t wait to look at the moon from the same side of the world. So Mason you are the 1st counselor again for the second time that is great!  I have been losing a lot of muscle and endurance on the workout side so we will have to workout when I get back.  Jensen I love your short emails they are uplifting and make me smile, keep being wonderful!  Riley you are doing so well in School and Track! Ashlyn, I miss you so much! I miss you guys like crazy, I hold onto those last memories when we all spent together and I think about it a lot.  So Dad, you have to cut down the best tree at the Christmas tree farm this year!
The mission is tough and the days are long and the hours are planned, but things fall off course here in Angola, they live a very sporadic life here, one moment there in their house and the next they are at the praca trying to sell food on a blanket.  They don’t have any routine, anyways I am learning so much and trying to keep up with the pace here. This week was wonderful, we had many great new experiences.  So we have these two investigators who have become the best of friends Mateus and Bula.  Both of them have wives/girlfriends but are not legally married.  Bula lives with his wife but Mateus’ wife is in the province of Luena.  They are both trying to get their documents taken care of so they can be married. Mateus says that since his wife isn’t here and he wants to be baptized, she is coming back in 2014.  We asked the Mission President and he told us that it would be better for him to wait to be married, than to be baptized and risk breaking his covenants with the Lord.  I know the Lord is preparing him for that which will come, he needs to live all of the commandments before he can be fully prepared to be baptized. They are both wonderful people, I love them.

With the Missionaries in the Zone and the Mission President

I also love teaching families.  I can truly say that I have been blessed here in Viana , we are teaching so many families and it is wonderful.  We are also teaching Alberto and Claudisse and Norberto and Elisa and Luis.
Norberto is working on getting married and their documents ready hopefully by the beginning of next year.  I cannot wait to see all these families blessed by the Gospel and to see the weddings, miracles and Temple sealings that will follow afterwards.  This week was rich with the spirit.  We also taught a new family from Namibia who want their kids to grow up in this church and with the standards and guidance of the church. I felt prompted to share a passage that I had read that morning out of the Book of Mormon in 1 Nephi Chapter 17:55 at the end of the verse it says.  Honor thy Mother and thy Father that thy days may be long upon the earth. As the kids were sitting there, they heard the message and the desire of the mother’s heart.  She was touched and wants them to become members but also we hope that she will feel that desire also to join the church and become a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Super cool experience! So we had a Zone meeting and we talked about a basic principle that God is our Heavenly Father and has a body of flesh and bones.  Most people here believe that He is a spirit. So this week we focused every lesson with our families on helping them to get to know their creator.  It is very important for them to know who God is and knows that He loves them and wants them to be happy, so that they can become closer to Him and understand His doctrine and Gospel. We referenced Genesis 1:26-27 which talks about how God created us in His own image.  We saw the change in each one of them, it was a very touching experience to see someone’s view on God change completely. Something that they never knew, planted into their minds and see them accept this principal.
One lady Celestina , a Professor who knows the Bible, said she liked how the Book of Mormon  and that it was clear and easy to understand so we gave her the scripture Mosiah 7:27 which talks about how God has created us in His image as well.  You could see the calmness in her as she realized it was true.  I then asked her if she believed the Book of Mormon to be true and she said she did and then she said a duvida esta esclarecido agora…the doubt is clarified now. I love the power of the Book of Mormon, you can read the scriptures and the words are so clear and you can truly feel the spirit. So we are teaching 4 families now, it is a family boom right now in Viana.  Bula is the happiest man on the planet and always has a smile and is always looking to contribute, he came to help clean the church on Saturday, not even a member yet...what an amazing person!  We are also teaching Mateus and Norberto and Elisa.  We are also teaching the French family from the Congo and his brother Michele and they have stopped drinking and are preparing for Marriage, and looking towards Dec. 20th to be baptized.  I hope that I will still be here in Viana to go to the wedding and the baptism! They are my favorite family right now and I love them so much.  So we are also teaching 3 avos (grandmas) it is surprising to me because I have never had much success with Grandmas here, but these women are so humble and ready for the Gospel.  I just hope that they can make it to the Baptismal font! There is one that lives right across from the chapel, we stop by everyday to see if she needs anything, she is such a sweet lady.  She has come to church a few times. She has stopped drinking and has read up to Second Nephi in the Book of Mormon, she gave up the wine on her own!  Super awesome!
So Saturday we had to stay indoors, because there was a riot in Viana and President told us the police were going to be out in full force making arrests.  We had a great day of study and cleaning up the house which was needed.  These past 2 weeks were wonderful the Branch is doing fantastic and is growing immensely, I love this work, it isn’t always easy but as they say in Angola “vale a pena” it is worth it!

Showing our silly side!


My Birthday in the Mission!

 Birthday Package lost in mail but still Happy!!
Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes! They were amazing! I love you all so much!! I wish you could have been here with me to celebrate!  The time is going by fast..I can’t believe it is almost Christmas! That is going to be such a memorable day I cannot wait!!! I love you all with all of my heart! Probably going to have another crying session, on the Skype Haha...
Anyway Mom I still have not received the Birthday package yet, hopefully it gets here soon! I can’t wait! So for my birthday all the missionaries here in Viana went to a pizza place for lunch and bought Bay Side Pizza and it was super expensive…46.00 dollars.!
Then we went to a Branch Council meeting and we talked about way that the Branch can work more and communicate better with the missionaries and how to work in unison. We then had lessons the rest of the night.  It really didn’t feel like a Birthday, but I am so happy that you celebrated on that day. It was awesome to see pictures of the cake and all of you...super sweet…I feel loved.  You are the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  I heard a quote about grace the other week and it goes “It's not that grace at the end of the tunnel that saves us, but that grace that carries us through the tunnel that saves us.  I love that quote because we all saved by grace, but it’s not the final step, the last straw, it’s that with which is carrying us through the tunnel at this very moment.  I love this work and I love you all.  Mom and Dad thank you so much for being amazing parents and teaching me all that I needed to know. You are all so wonderful. 
This week was great we had so much success in finding and teaching people.  We have changed chapels and it is just beautiful and it is in a wonderful location. Perfect spot for contacting and getting people to church.   We have some wonderful people that we are teaching right now.

SOAKED after the Rain!!

We met with Alberto who was baptized in the Congo and his brother Michele. He expressed to us that he has missed the feeling of having the Holy Ghost present in his life as he has been drinking.  He missed the feelings that come with it of peace and happiness.  I shared my testimony of letting the Holy Ghost abide in our homes and told him of how my parents always tried to keep the spirit in our home and how it affected me and also how it will affect the lives of his kids when they grow up and will have a home of safety and protection to return to and to feel the love within the home, something that had touched me very much.  After that I saw him draw closer and feel the spirit in the room.  It was a great experience that happened and I could really feel the desire that he had to change.  It touched me as I could feel the change in him.
We had a very effective Branch council meeting in discussing with them how to get the members to know the new members that are baptized.  This will help the work immensely and as of right now Viana is the fastest growing branch in Angola.  The work is getting done.
More exciting news…we had 11 investigators come to church last Sunday!  It was so awesome to see so many at church, we invited pretty much every single person that we had contacted to come to church that Sunday, it was really cool.  So we have these 2 investigators named Bula and Mateus.  Bula is a motorist (driver) and Mateus is a cop, they both sit with us each Sunday and after church in the Chapel we have a combined lesson, usually with a member also.  They have both accepted baptism on the 30th of November.  On Sunday during the lesson with them and they both bore their testimonies and it was so great to them grow closer to the Gospel.  They both already have sincere testimonies. So this week was wonderful with new people and the work is progressing.
I feel as if I am being carried all of the time.  Thinking this could not be done unless the Lord was helping me all along the way.

I loved this week, truly amazing and I love all of you. Elder Dunkley