Merry Christmas....Feliz Natal...!!

Month of December


My Area (Taken by the Mission President)

Knocking on doors

The last week in December I was transferred I am now with Elder Yeanopolus in Bemfica a suburb of Luanda. He was with me in the MTC. I am really excited and we have some great people that we are teaching. I don't think I could have asked for a better ending! It was great to talk with you guys on Skype and after it ended I thought of all these other things I wanted to say and talk about, well it will just have to wait until I get home at least it was a better connection than last year from Lubango. 
I did not receive the Christmas package yet so hopefully before I leave. This past week we walked with President Merrill and it was really great to be able to take the Mission President with us we will be meeting before Christmas for a celebration with all the Elders.  I am really excited to spend Christmas in Cassaquel where I first started my mission!
This Week I have been able to share a special message about our Savior Jesus Christ and it has been really uplifting. We also have a new cool investigator named Pagia who want to be baptized already and he said that he will be ready whenever he has been taught all of the discussions, so hopefully we will be able to accomplish that before the end of the month.

Our Mission President

At the Zone Conference

We played soccer with the Zone this month, it had been awhile since we had a group activity playing soccer so it was great!

All the Missionaries- Angola Mission

We are also teaching a really great guy named Gabriel and he is working towards baptism, and another lady named Lu who is working on getting married to her husband before they can get baptized, it is really funny because her little boy keeps interrupting saying mom, mom, mom during the lessons 30 or 40 times without really wanting anything!
We recently went to Brother Weggeland's house for dinner and he showed us the video The Gift that the church put out it was really great, you can access it on the church website.
I have a view of the ocean from our apartment that looks over the horizon of the city and drops down into the ocean, it is very pretty.  I will try and send some pictures soon, these computers are so unreliable from the Internet cafes.

Listening at Zone Conference

I made brownies the other day for a recent convert family for family night and they loved the brownies!  This is kind of a surprise because they really don't like sweet things.  I also had an opportunity to translate (interpret) for 6 americans this Sunday.  Translating allows me to focus more on the talks and what they are saying.  more and More Amercians keep coming in, also the new American that served in Brazil is an Assistant to the Missionary Work in the Branch which is really cool to be able to work with him.
This past Sunday the power went out and we only had church an hour.  That never happens in the states!  We only had Sacrament meeting. 
I enjoyed all your emails!! Merry Christmas! I love you all! Elder Dunkley

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Funny shot of the Zone