My Birthday in the Mission!

 Birthday Package lost in mail but still Happy!!
Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes! They were amazing! I love you all so much!! I wish you could have been here with me to celebrate!  The time is going by fast..I can’t believe it is almost Christmas! That is going to be such a memorable day I cannot wait!!! I love you all with all of my heart! Probably going to have another crying session, on the Skype Haha...
Anyway Mom I still have not received the Birthday package yet, hopefully it gets here soon! I can’t wait! So for my birthday all the missionaries here in Viana went to a pizza place for lunch and bought Bay Side Pizza and it was super expensive…46.00 dollars.!
Then we went to a Branch Council meeting and we talked about way that the Branch can work more and communicate better with the missionaries and how to work in unison. We then had lessons the rest of the night.  It really didn’t feel like a Birthday, but I am so happy that you celebrated on that day. It was awesome to see pictures of the cake and all of you...super sweet…I feel loved.  You are the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  I heard a quote about grace the other week and it goes “It's not that grace at the end of the tunnel that saves us, but that grace that carries us through the tunnel that saves us.  I love that quote because we all saved by grace, but it’s not the final step, the last straw, it’s that with which is carrying us through the tunnel at this very moment.  I love this work and I love you all.  Mom and Dad thank you so much for being amazing parents and teaching me all that I needed to know. You are all so wonderful. 
This week was great we had so much success in finding and teaching people.  We have changed chapels and it is just beautiful and it is in a wonderful location. Perfect spot for contacting and getting people to church.   We have some wonderful people that we are teaching right now.

SOAKED after the Rain!!

We met with Alberto who was baptized in the Congo and his brother Michele. He expressed to us that he has missed the feeling of having the Holy Ghost present in his life as he has been drinking.  He missed the feelings that come with it of peace and happiness.  I shared my testimony of letting the Holy Ghost abide in our homes and told him of how my parents always tried to keep the spirit in our home and how it affected me and also how it will affect the lives of his kids when they grow up and will have a home of safety and protection to return to and to feel the love within the home, something that had touched me very much.  After that I saw him draw closer and feel the spirit in the room.  It was a great experience that happened and I could really feel the desire that he had to change.  It touched me as I could feel the change in him.
We had a very effective Branch council meeting in discussing with them how to get the members to know the new members that are baptized.  This will help the work immensely and as of right now Viana is the fastest growing branch in Angola.  The work is getting done.
More exciting news…we had 11 investigators come to church last Sunday!  It was so awesome to see so many at church, we invited pretty much every single person that we had contacted to come to church that Sunday, it was really cool.  So we have these 2 investigators named Bula and Mateus.  Bula is a motorist (driver) and Mateus is a cop, they both sit with us each Sunday and after church in the Chapel we have a combined lesson, usually with a member also.  They have both accepted baptism on the 30th of November.  On Sunday during the lesson with them and they both bore their testimonies and it was so great to them grow closer to the Gospel.  They both already have sincere testimonies. So this week was wonderful with new people and the work is progressing.
I feel as if I am being carried all of the time.  Thinking this could not be done unless the Lord was helping me all along the way.

I loved this week, truly amazing and I love all of you. Elder Dunkley  

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