Tereza's Baptism....New Chapel....New Native Companion!

Elder Montgomery, Tereza, me & New Companion Elder Francisco

Ola Familia! I have missed you so much all the time! Wow Dad taking over the central region that is so awesome! And so Jensen, you want to be a missionary that is so awesome!
Anyway so I shaved my head again because my hair was getting so long, but it will grow back:). So you had a storm, wow I remember getting in the closet all of us during hurricane Ike that was so fun! Angola doesn't have hurricanes or anything of natural disasters, just heat, its getting hot, I really got sunburned playing soccer, I can't wait to have a warm Christmas...not! So we had transfers and...I WILL BE STAYING IN VIANA!!
This week was wonderful we had many successful events and lovely lessons with investigators who I have grown attached to deeply. I have some novidades (news) well Irmao Costa who is Angolan got his mission call to serve in Ghana Africa...learning English, he went to the MTC in Ghana but no one could speak Portuguese and everything was only in French and English. So no one could teach him English.  So they sent him back here in Angola and he is waiting for his Visa to go to the MTC in the United States. Anyway so I had an interview with President and he told me about his situation.  I had worked with Costa (Elder Francisco) in Cassequel before he was a missionary, so President asked if he could put him with me and Elder Dredge in a tripla (3 people) and I gladly said yes. I love Elder Fransisco he is so awesome, so I get the opportunity to serve with a native for a few weeks, and he is new so we are showing him the ropes of the mission, it has been wonderful, and I'm teaching him English during our language study...super fun!
So on Saturday Tereza was baptized.  I had the wonderful opportunity of going to the Baptism.  For just a reminder, Tereza is Serafim's girlfriend.  Serafim was baptized by Elder Montgomery and I while we were in Cassaquel.  So once he was baptized we started teaching his girlfriend Tereza and she was progressing when I got transferred to Viana .  She asked if Elder Montgomery and I could be there at the Baptism.  It was so awesome to see the fruits of our labors, she was so happy and it was a super great day.

Tereza's Baptismal Day

So really big news....We moved to a new Chapel in Viana. The church is now renting a new chapel in a place called Vila and it is wonderful and beautiful!  I think we have the most gorgeous chapel in Angola, truly amazing! I love it!  So as a branch we were able to watch General Conference in the new Chapel.  It was awesome, we overflowed the room.

New Chapel in Viana

Even has a pool!

Inside the Chapel

With Some of the Youth at the Chapel

We have found some wonderful new investigators this week, Irmao Mateus and Irmao Bula who have both accepted to be baptized on the 30th of November.  I think one of them still needs to get married but they both are really cool and I can see that they have been prepared by the Lord.  They are so ready and humble. Truly amazing experience to witness the Light of Christ in others.  So Irmao Luis was not able to come to church this week because he is out of Luanda right now, so we were not able to do his baptismal interview in time, so we are planning for the 16th of November.  I am super excited for him, and everything is going well here in Viana.  I will be staying for the next transfer and I am very excited for that, seeing that we just got a new chapel and there should be baptisms coming up in November! So excited! I love you and I wish you the best week!

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