Football on the Beach.... and General Conference!!

P-day- Football on the Beach with all the Elders!

Elder Ferguson and I

Ola Familia!! So the power went out and we could not get electricity and that is why the email is late. I was so sad to hear about Brother Riedel I got to know him while I was in his class with mason he was a wonderful man. I know that our relationship will continue on in the next life.
For P-day today we went to the beach, I got sunburned today, it is coming up on summer here and it is going to be hot, hot, hot for Christmas. I am not excited for that! So mom I got 3 packages, thanks for all the vitamins and protein and the pictures of old times, wow how time flies..on the mission sometimes, you think about your life, and my childhood. I am glad I prayed for Mason, I love all of my sisters so much but I'm glad that I have a bro: miss you like crazy!
This week we visited with Azulao and went over the Restoration of the Gospel, it was a great lesson.  Then we went over to Francisco and Cristina our old couple friends- who really have no idea what we are saying but love to have us over, they are really funny, they also give us a lot of references, it has been great. 
We had a discussion with Marcos and his daughter Ani who is 10 who comes to the church every Sunday. We went to Luis and I gave him some gavatas (ties) because he didn't have any...it was a wonderful lesson and he is getting ready to be baptized on November 2nd. My Birthday...so stoked! We then met the zone leaders for divisions and I went with Elder Hyde.  Azulao called me 6 times beginning at 6 in the morning to say that he didn't have to go to wok and that we could come over earlier...he is awesome!  We went to Tati's house and Elder Hyde and had her baptismal interview and then we went over to Lala's house and had her interview. Then we met up up with the other Elders and I went back with Elder Dredge.
So on Saturday we went back over to Francisco and Cristina's and we talked about the plan of Salvation and they loved it.  Francisco said that he needed to join this church and that it is the true church. I don't know if he understood everything, but at least he feels the spirit.
We went to see Paula that we had already given a Book of Mormon to and she had already read up to Chapter 11, super awesome! We had correlation meeting with Inancios after that.
Sunday we went over to President Merrill's house with all the Missionaries and we watched live both Sunday sessions of conference!! It was awesome!! In English too! Then we slept over and the next day we all went to the beach and played football!  It was so much fun! Super cool week!

Watching General Conference at the Mission Home!

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