Opportunities to serve....

I am learning a lot out here, mostly about who I am and myself, you can't run from being yourself on the mission.
So last Tues. Elder Clifford made pork chops..great chef! Santana had read the Book of Mormon after our first visit and he received many answers that it was true!! Awesome stuff! I was so excited, he always asks if he can hang out with us and I tell him we really aren't allowed to hang out but we can have dinner appointments.  He is such a great guy with an awesome spirit! Anyway that day I got to give a baby a blessing. Was super cool. Great experience to give a blessing of health.
In our lesson with Sarafim we found out he is struggling with his girlfriend having an abortion. Abortions are common here and they can cause a person to not be able to be baptized for some time. We taught him a lesson on the Atonement.  My feet were killing me we walk so much each day and its really hot here.  But when we go home and have air conditioning the blessings come.  It's all worth it then.
Wed. it was rainy and we had zone meeting with everyone for the first time and we watched the new Atonement videos. Was awesome!
After that we met a guy named Basilio in his Mechanical workshop.  It was super loud.  As are all of our lessons here.  We talked about the Priesthood and the importance of having the Priesthood in his home.
Driving in Angola with the Taxi drivers is like dodging pin balls it is nuts! So we almost crashed when we gave a message to the taxi driver but he heard the message it was great!
Also we always look for opportunities to serve. This week we helped a young boy carry a big metal construction pole up the street a mile or so. And we helped a couple taxi's start by pushing them from behind. We taught a guy from Sweden this week! We had a planning meeting and after that I tried a "rock apple" it is an African apple, kind of chalky but has some flavor, interesting.
So Isabel is supposed to be baptized soon but she said that her family is shunning her and other problems, she can talk for days.  We decided that we needed some extra time to teach her.
Okay so cool we saw a guy carrying a full mattress on his head!
So we visited Pedro the paraplegic again on Friday he can't be baptized but he knows the church is true.  He is trying to save money to go to Cuba so he can have surgery. So we try and visit him and just read the Book of Mormon with him.  I feel so bad every time I leave and walk out and I take for granted (and think about how much I take for granted) that he is stuck in a bed and I can walk.  Anyway I love him he is such an awesome guy.
We went to Santana's house no one answered but the door was slightly open, he was laying on the floor in pain from a toothache. Apparently everyone here has really bad tooth aches because no one brushes their teeth.
Sat. a lot of our discussions fell through. We did get to watch the Conference sessions..I was hoping it would be in English but it was in Portuguese. Sunday we watched the last session after church until they started the party next door.  Angolans play their music to the max volume.  So we couldn't hear. So we had to end.
it was still a great way to end the day with Conference.

Elder Dunkley and Elder Montgomery

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