Family Home Evening...Natural History Museum!

So amazing seeing all of your faces on skype yesterday for Mother’s day and hearing your voices! It was truly amazing! I didn’t think I was going to cry at all but just seeing all of you brought back all of the feelings from when we said goodbye at the airport.
Elder Montgomery and I make a great team he knows how to teach very well so it’s something that I have been learning from him and I’m very grateful.  We work so hard each day.  I love it, anyways, the people here are just wonderful.
For Family night the other night we went to a member’s with 5 daughters. It is fun to visit with them because they are so lively and have games for us to play.  We shared a message with them and then played a game where we tied balloons to our legs and got toothpicks, then ran around the house trying to pop each other’s balloons tied at our ankles..I got second place…super fun. 

Family night balloon game

Then we played a game where we wrote down an action on a piece of paper and then you have to pick one.  I got 25 pushups while saying eu gusto de fung (I like fung)( Fung is a typical dish here) So fun!
Tues. our water pump broke, there was a short. So no water, only bucket showers.  We went to Santana’s for a lesson he still has a bad rat problem, they are always climbing the walls and under our feet during the lessons.  After that we went to Serafim, we went over the restoration again and he gave a sincere and heartfelt testimony he is such a great guy.  Recently I learned that he is extremely poor and often he doesn't  have enough money to eat so he goes to soccer games because he can get free food..I love him so much I wish I could help. We then visited with Sidonia. Had a lesson about faith…In English sometimes we say faith has a short shelf life.  So I tried to take the literal translation into Portuguese and when I said it she looked at me like it made no sense! It doesn't have the same meaning in Portuguese.
We had district meeting this morning…I love my district they are awesome guys, shared spiritual experiences from the week after that lunch at the Teodoros  house (Isabel) and had the hottest soup of my life. Almost could not swallow it. My tongue completely burnt. Later on a Taxi driver hit a bump so hard hit my head on the roof of the taxi, everyone went into the air!
Went to visit Santana again, funny thing he has a twin brother and every time we go to visit him I always think that his twin is him and I can’t tell the difference. Elder Montgomery has to let me know which one it is.
We had dinner with an American family they had food shipped over from the Woodlands in crates super cool! We went over the baptismal questions for Antonio with him he is getting baptized this Saturday and we were teaching him in his store all the kids come up to the window while we are teaching. Super cute! They always stop our lessons and talk with us.  After that we went to Pedro (the paraplegic) and read with him and helped his wife put him in the wheelchair to bring him outside.
A family we are teaching read 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon together and I was able to bear my testimony on the importance of raising your kids the right way as Nephi was. I shared experiences of how I was raised by goodly parents and how being on my mission I realize all that my parents have done for me. Super cool experience anyways after that I had pizza for the first time and Sidonia made it for us.  Really good!

We had 182 people came to church which is an all time record! Super Cool

For P-day Monday we went to a museum with all of the elders in the zone.  Had a great time there looking at all of the animals that are in Angola..Oh by the way we killed a mouse that was running around in our Apartment!  Keep praying and reading your Scriptures!

Angolan fish!

Elder Dunkley and Elder Clifford

At the Natural History Museum in Angola P-day

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