District in Luanda, Angola Africa!

I have missed everyone so much, this week absolutely flew by! It was crazy feels like yesterday that I had emailed you.
Ok so here is the week's report:
So our meeting house is pretty nice, Most of the time we don't have electricity but we have a generator and we can get air conditioning some of the time.  So that's good, we have about 150 people that come to church in the Cassequel branch each week. So it's pretty big! We do meet a lot of people from the Congo and they speak french. So we try and communicate the best we can and try to tell them about the church it's really fun.
So I can skype you all for Mother's day this coming Sunday.
We had a great day when we were leaving the house and walking through Cassequel, I noticed that there was a big smoke cloud rising in the distance,  apparently someone had set the entire pile of trash on fire.  They burn the trash to get rid of it here, something that I learned. Anyways gave a recent convert a blessing today. The next day she was healed and felt perfectly fine. We were able to find a lot of people that wanted to hear about the church today. It is hard to find families that are married because it is very difficult to get married here.  There are a lot of expensive traditions and on top of that the people need their papers which they usually don't have.  So anyways also taught 4 lessons and we introduced a lot of people to the church that want to be taught.  We did divisions the next day and Elder Stuart was sick so I studied the Doctrine and Covenants then we switched back that night and I was back with Elder Montgomery.
We have 4 Elders in our Apartment.  Elder Clifford who lives in our apartment made a full turkey for all of us for lunch, it was so delicious. We had vegetables and rice and turkey, anyways super cool meal. Some of our appointments fell through so we talked with some little kids...super cute! I love the kids here! The kids followed us all down the street, anyways super cute! After Cassequel we decided to go to another area Rocha. We visited Joao and Paula, Two investigators who will be married on the 16th and one baptized on the 18th. Such an awesome family! They have been working(trying) to get married for 4 years now and we get to see the results! I also lost a bet with Elder Montgomery that I couldn't talk about Texas for a week!
Friday (sexta fiera) morning we went to go fill up the baptismal font. Yet again the missionaries have to do this so for 2 hrs. we bucketed water from the well (tank) to the font.  I got blisters all on my hands from  pulling up the bucket out of the tank. anyways so we finally got that all filled, after that had lunch with the family from Portugal.  They are the only ones in the ward from Portugal. She cooks so good.  Great meals sempre!!
Sunday was awesome.  Gave Yuri my Suit to use for church because he didn't have a suit to wear, also I bore my testimony during church it was awesome.  I was super nervous but I just got up there and introduced myself. Super great experience I feel that it brought me closer to the members. They all know who I am now.  We gave 4 blessings that day. Then we went to the Lacullets for lunch. We broke our fast there. Super great meal I love eating there.  She always cooks great meals, we gave her 2 daughter's blessings.  After that I gave a street guard a protein bar because he was hungry and working a 48 hr. shift. He was really appreciative and glad I could help in anyway possible. P-day was great and we went to the campo de futbol to play soccer, got really sunburned and the went shopping and we got a ton of American good stuff. Gatorade $40.00 for 15 so expensive here because everything is imported. We also found  Cinnamon toast and Pop tarts.  Well that was the week...did a ton of work. I love you all sooooo much I can't wait to be reunited!

With Elder Montgomery!

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