Meeting the Mission President.....Joao's Baptism!

This week we had family home evening with Joao and Paula. We also got into a taxi and got stuck in traffic the driver called over a vendor and bought a beer and he started drinking while driving so Elder Montgomery and I complained that he might kill someone and that he had a taxi full of people so we told him to pull over and we got out and walked but everyone else in the taxi stayed in.  We ended up being late to our appointment.
The next day Elder Montgomery had an infection on his arm and needed to get it checked out we had to wait for about 3 hours and then we found out it was a 300.00 down payment which we couldn't afford so we left.
It was super cool because we went to teach Joao and Paula about following the Prophet it was a super awesome lesson because the entire family sat with us and this never happens and so many of them were participating. Foi nuito muito bom! After that we went to go teach Rodrino who is Seresty Grandi’s brother we taught him about the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon super awesome lesson, we are hoping he prays to know if it is true.
We had District meeting today it was awesome super fun!! Elder Stuart made German pancakes and that was amazing!

District meeting and a fresh head shave!

After that we went to and visit Antonio and taught about the Plan of Salvation.  I love him so much, he is such a strong member alreadyAfter that we went to teach Adilson and his sister. We invited them to come to church, super awesome and he came and so he’s on the right track…so pumped!!  After that we visited Dorival and we got him to start thinking about his baptismal date, he is a young man who has such a desire to be baptized but he is scared that he will break the commandments after he is baptized, but we are trying to encourage him to have faith and seek friendship within the church, really it’s his group of friends that bring him down, we are trying to be a positive influence in his life as much as we can.
The next day we woke up and went to the clinica and got the check up exam finished and got the prescription for the cream that he needed for the infection.  No Pharmacy had it anyways by the time that we found it his infection had cleared up, which was good.
We went to Yuri’s and went over a reading plan for the Book of Mormon and then went with to Gelson’s and found out he was in 2nd Nephi. Super awesome! We went over to Joao’s and fill out his papers and got him ready to go for his baptism.
 I was able to full a giant piece of plastic that got stuck in a car tire, super cool always to help someone that is in need.
We had Zone Conference met the Mission President Krietly for the first time he has been in Mozambique.  Huge lunch and dinner so great then we filled up the font for the baptism to finish off the night, super awesome day!!

With the Mission President and Joao and Paula

Joao was baptized he was soooo happy! After the baptism his daughter Olivia came up to us and said that she wants to talk about a date for her to be baptized the next time we come to visit! Super pumped for that!

Joao's Baptism!

We had a lesson with Rita talked about Helaman 5:12 how our testimonies need to be centered around Jesus Christ like a rock, super awesome.
We went to church and had an awesome time! Super great I always love going to church it is such a breather from the week, anyways had a ton of investigators come to church it was awesome, then later we had a fireside and President Kreitly talked about the 7 habits of successful people super great lesson.  I learned so much of the type of person that I want to be.  Anyways always cool to see the youth grow here.  I see so many similarities in the church all around the world, even here in Africa, super awesome.
We had dinner at the Weglanes (Americans) we had blueberry and raspberry pie for dessert.  I was stuffed it was an awesome week. 
I sent a gift made out of ivory and apparently you can’t get it out of the country and I didn't know that before I bought it I found out about the Elder who had the air conditioning unit fall out of the building on his head and he went to the hospital for sutures but he is OK.
Know that the Lord is always with you!

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