No Water or electricity this week....

Morning scenes in Africa...

Ola Familia!  It was a stressful week without water and all the missionaries here did not get their money this week.  I do really feel for the impoverished people here and even more so there are so many people that are homeless and I couldn't even imagine not even having a home to live in. It is just the worst conditions here for some people.  I really hope that I can continue to grow closer to the people here every single day and always remain close to you guys also.  America is looking a little fuzzy, we were at the Weglands last night and Brother Wegland said that we are going to go through some serious culture shock going home even more so than when we arrived here.  Not looking forward to that.  I know that my first experiences here was super tough- and they continue to come daily. I am getting used to things here and the stress is going down a little bit each day, as I am adjusting to life in Africa.
This week was a tough one that is for sure...so to start:
Segunda Feira (Mon) we met with Antonio for our first lesson after P-day, we taught him about the Priesthood (sacerdocio) and while we were teaching him we heard from the next door wall someone who was beating their kid, she was screaming and the father continued to beat her, we were extremely disturbed by this and we decided to go next door and talk with him.  We called him outside and he came out and we began to talk to him calmly, we told him that he should not beat his children and that it is against the law and that we were going to call the police, he refused to stop and he started to get mad.  It turned out it was Antonio's brother that was beating his kid.  Anyways horrible moment.  We also ran out of water and money today.
We went to see Tereza and taught about the plan of salvation super awesome lesson, with no money we decided to walk through the rest of our area and kind of explore because we have not walked the whole area yet, we came across a huge rock formation with a ton of kids.  We climbed up and saw the whole view of Angola, super awesome and played with the kids for awhile and then went to an appt. with Dorival.
Cuarta feira ( Wed.) and still no money and water.  Went to district meeting then we had some fung and chicken and rice at Irma Sao's.
Quinta feira (thurs.) and still no money and water. We had to do laundry and another Elder's apartment because we had no way to do laundry without water and our clothes were super dirty.
We had a lunch on friday with the Valdezes from Portugal and we had an amazing lunch, french fries and chicken and then we went to the bank to see if our money had come in and it had not.  We didn't have any money for taxi's it was an awful situation to be in at the time.
We went to Pedro's house to read the Book of Mormon with him since he can't read. Then we got a call from the other Elder's who needed help emptying the font.

Buckets from the well...

Filling buckets for the font

Sunday...still no water in the house and the electricity was off all over Luanda. We lost power in the night.
We played soccer for P-day it was super fun, with Serafim who we are teaching.  After that I walked into our kitchen and turned on the light and it burst and the bulb shattered everywhere.

Our kitchen where the bulb blew out!

We still did not receive any money yet.  All the missionaries are trying to get by until the situation is figured out. It has been a tough but rewarding week.
Continue to press on in the way of the Lord and in faith. Take care chau!

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