Lots of Opportunities to teach.....

The kids always get together and play soccer in the streets, it's great!

We started out this week first emptying the font at the church and then filling it up the next morning for the baptisms.  It always takes a couple hours of trips back and forth each time we have to fill it.
We taught Isabel about the Book of Mormon and also about Baptism, such an awesome lesson, we are trying to help her move towards baptism.  We went to Serafims and taught about the dez mandamentos e tambem obediencia, (The Ten commandments and Obedience) super great lesson he is still progressing and scheduled to be baptized on the 29th of this month.  We went and taught Pedro and Tani and we had a great lesson on the blessing of the Gospel it was awesome.  Pedro can't come to church because he is paralized but he believes in everything, so we are just trying to give them hope by sharing messages of faith and how one day the Lord will help him overcome this obstacle whether in this life or the next.  
We visited with Dorival and then we had a lesson with the whole family of Joao and Paula and we had the whole family involved it was great!

This is how we take bucket showers!

After that we taught Antonio Nascimento and we contacted a guy who went to church in London about 10 years ago super cool he spoke great English!
We went to Antonio's house who was recently baptized and he is such a great member, every time that we pass by his house he is always reading the Book of Mormon every time without fail every time! Super cool anyways after then we visited Imao, Gamas and Yara, and then we taught Tereza, Serafim's girlfriend super great lesson and we talked about the Plan of Salvation and I shared Alma 7:11-13 and after that we had a lesson with Paulo and Rita who only need to get married to get baptized, we are hoping that this won't be a long process.
The other day I made brownies! Super awesome! I found brownie mix at the store and I was sooo happy! We ate lunch with the Valdez family from Portugal and then tried to get a taxi for over 30 min. we finally got to Paulo's but he had gone to the Hospital.
So super cool moment we didn't have a plan for visit anyone so I had a feeling that we should go and visit Yuri(gaga) someone that we hadn't visited in a while so we went to his house and sat with him and he preceded to tell us that he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and that he wants to make some changes in his life! Super cool...awesome moment.  We had another lesson with Joao and Paula. My Portuguese was great during that lesson! We then taught Adriono and Ana and then to Rita and Paulos, I love them, they only need to be married to get baptized.
Sunday I woke up and listened to some Kenneth Cope..Greater than us all, thanks so much for the CD mom! At church Antonio received the priesthood, super awesome! After that we had lunch with Paula and Joao, rice and beans and then dinner with the American Family. I shared a message that Dad told me that hope is the single greatest motivator in the world and how first comes hope and then Faith, anyways super great week...with lots of opportunities to teach!

Me with some of the local kids!

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