Tasted Alligator and Oryx....visit from the Mission President!!

Beautiful Lubango!

Another week down here in Lubango! I’m glad you are having surgery on your hand mom. I wish I could get mine done too, it hurts all the time.  I had Sister Merrill take a look at it and I don’t know what I can do right now. My arm kind of hurts sometimes too because I think the bones affected all down my wrist and until my elbow. Anyways wow I can’t believe Brother Johnson is so great! I did get the package and it was wonderful!  Thank you for the chocolate covered pomegranates and the turkey jerky those are my favorite!
Jensen! I miss you more than anything, Happy Birthday!  I saw the photos on the package and there was one of me and you outside the house in the backyard eating chick–fil-a. I think that was the last time I ate Chick- fil- A, it was with you! Well, it won’t be the last, that was a sad day the day I left.  They don’t have any Chick-fil A’s here, but they should Haha. Anyways I love you tons.
Well this week was a quick one. I can’t believe how fast it went we had lots of exciting new things happen.  We found some new investigators. One named Luisa. That is a reference from Leonor. a member. She is so awesome. On Friday President Merrill and Sister Merrill came down with the Assistants and the Elders from Huambo! There were 10 elders here in Lubango!
 It was the first time I have seen them and President for almost 4 months! It was such a blast!
 I walked with Elder Rigby an Elder from Huambo and we went and saw Leonel and then I showed him around Lubango, he loved it!  Lubango is the best area in the mission(:
After that on Saturday we had training with President Merrill and all the Elders at the chapel, it was very refreshing. We talked about how we are good enough, and overcoming the challenges of the mission. It was great because it’s been a while since I’ve had mission training like that and it’s been a little lonely for a while down here. Sister Merrill and President Merrill always do a great job of showing their love for us, always in their tears.  I cannot remember a meeting or event without Sister Merrill crying(: or President Merrill. This is a crying mission Haha.

President and Sister Merrill

 Well it was wonderful and we had some great laughs and some really great fun.  After that we went to a restaurant called Kimbo do Soba, which was the nicest in Lubango... It’s really cool; I would take my family there. Super awesome!  It’s all exotic meats... so I ate Alligator, oryx, also bird and some type of pig. We celebrated Sister Merrill’s birthday. We had a wonderful time, I took a lot of pictures, but these computers are not good at all. I will try and find a way to send photos.


Well I hope to get them to you soon. So sorry for the delay, also it rained every day this week. So it’s been relatively chilly(:
Sunday we had 10 missionaries at church and the members did not know what to do there were so many of us! It was a blast! Sister Merrill got sick from the exotic meats the night before so she could not give her talk. So president just picked like 3 elders to talk.  After that we had lunch and I went with elder Tingey and we did contacting and I showed him around Lubango and was very impressed(: Haha. well there is lot of fun in the mission. You just have to look past the challenging days. I hope to stay here as long as possible. I had an interview with President last night. It was great I love talking with him always, and sharing stories it’s nice to have a check up every once in a while.
Week 50 of the mission was just straight up work, probably the hardest week of work that Elder money and I have had now 16 weeks as companions. ~it was a lesson week, and a ton of new investigators. We met a new family. The Paula’s family, she is a sweet lady and has two daughters and several other younger children and she suffers from HIV.  We met with them, 4 times in one week, they pretty much have been taught everything and have accepted baptism. Super awesome!  Joaquin. Leiocadias husband left the Hospital on Tuesday and is still recovering from brain surgery. We talked with the family and he is doing well and is healing and so is the whole family and because of this they came to church. Which is wonderful! We also are teaching another family that speaks English, one of my first and the grandpa’s name is Miranda. He has lived in Angola for 60 years now, he is a lively man and very funny and tells stories of the war all of the time… he can talk forever.  He was also a professional skater. (Roller skater) Out of the blue, he left the room and then came rolling very fast into the room on roller skates and began doing circles around us and doing little tricks and it was hilarious! He is really good and told us stories of when he used to skate. It was really awesome and we are hoping that they come to church. They fed us and they are just the coolest family. We probably have the coolest investigators in the mission.
Also Jorge has been coming to lessons with us and he is sooo bold. He just asks them do you want to be baptized? Don’t you want to be baptized like me?? Haha. It’s awesome. He is helping a lot in the church. And is always at church and has made friends. He has done a perfect transition. It’s such a blessing.  We worked really hard these past two weeks and we taught a lot, more than we ever have. Hopefully we can see the fruits of our labors in the next few weeks.
Well family and friends I love you all so much. Keep sending packages! I think I get the most in the mission! You are awesome! also I love you soooo muchhhhh!! I’ll talk with you next week!" I love you! bye bye! Wow week 50 in Angola already! 

Forca ali!! amo vos! e fiquem bem!!!
Elder Connor Dunkley

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