Falling off Tunda Vala....taught them how to make Smores!!

Namibe Vale

So Peaceful....

Namibe Vale

I loved reading all of your wonderful emails! Mom that is awesome you are going to start doing a project with the orphanage in Luanda, the lady said we could come whenever we want, but then I was transferred down here to Lubango. Maybe I will see all of the dresses that you guys will make before I come home! I’m so excited to get the package! I wish I could give Brother Johnson um abraco but I’m still down here.
Brazilians next door!!!! whattttttttttttttttttt!!! I cannot wait to talk with them! That will be so awesome! Seriously that just made me so excited! and also the plan of salvation lesson plan you made. Wow the kids and families we are teaching are going to love that, I’m so excited and Ash I cannot wait to get the calendar. Well sounds like you and Dad had a fun trip at Enchanted Rock this year.  I will be going with you guys next year! I miss camping. I showed our branch here how to make s'more.  We found marshmallows at a South African store and they loved them! It was their first time ever trying them!  Elder money and I made pancakes for some Angolans and they said they did not like it haha. Disseram me que e muito doce meu haha. They thought it was too sweet, but they always say nooo we will like it and then we cook it and they don’t want to put any syrup on it, just a flap jack!  Well, I’m loving Lubango and my companion Elder Domingos from Mozambique.  He is enjoying it a lot here and so does everyone coming from Luanda.  He doesn’t really speak any English, so it’s just Portuguese, which is great!

Elder Money, Jorge and I

This week I said goodbye to Elder Money and he said goodbye to our investigators and then on Wed. he went to the airport and then we waited there to pick up Elder Domingos. It was a great first day, he got settled in and I explained to him about the area and introducing him to those we are teaching. Everyone was wondering where Elder Money.  I told Elder Domingos that we have the coolest investigators in the mission. Which we do!  We went to Mirandas and he showed us his collection of 12 or so elephant tusks that were carved by natives into really cool designs, each one would price at about 30,000 today, of course now they are illegal to buy. He bought them a long time ago before the law came out.

The Luisa Family

We had so much fun at Luisas house yesterday we went there at 16 at 4pm and she made 3 cakes and pero (turkey) and then she brought out batatas fritas(french fries) and then more food! bacalhau and salada(fish salad) AND WE ATE SOOOO MUCHHHH and we had just finished eating lunch at our house. I didn’t expect to get fed that much. So yes Riley I had a wonderful Easter with lots of food and love from the Angolan people(:  and it rained again yesterday.  It’s starting to get into the cold season here and in Lubango it gets a whole lot colder down here than in Luanda, you need a jacket. I’m really excited to be here and I hope to stay 7 months! But we will see.

Jorge's Baptism

Making lunch at Jorge's

Manuel and I

Elder Domingos, Manuel and I!

So my companion is really pretty funny and we have been laughing a lot. I’ve really been enjoying it so far.  We had 87 people at church on Sunday which is a record high! on Sunday morning Elder Domingos and I went to wake a family we wanted to come to church the Paulas family and she came and her 6 kids!!! So the primary was really full today. Elder Domingos and I taught part of primary and I also had my first interview as District Leader with in an investigator, Fernanda, who is getting baptized this Saturday. she has smoked for 28 years and had a son die  at age 18. She quit smoking cold turkey a little over a month ago and cried 6 times during the interview, she was super prepared, Mom you would like her a lot. Then after that I taught the jovenes (youth) Sunday school class so it was a busy Sunday. I’ve been very tired mentally these past few days wow…but it’s all been very worth it.
I love you all so much and I wish you the best week. love, Elder Dunkley

Falling off of Tunda Vala!!


Haven't lost my sense of Humor!

Tunda Vala...Don't worry mom!!

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