District Leader...new Native Companion from Mozambique!!

Dinner with Elders from Lubango & Huambo

I loved getting all the emails the past 2 weeks! First off I have some news... So we had transfers this morning and I am staying in Lubango! That is 6 months! The longest I have been in an area. My companion is Elder Dominguez. He is a native from Mozambique and speaks fluent Portuguese! I am very excited to serve with him. Also I am now a District Leader.
I get to Skype you for Mother's Day in a few weeks, hopefully it will be better than last time. The Internet is not very good here in Lubango.  I was thinking about the reunion the other day..Mom gets the first hug, then Dad or Ash..can't decide we will probably do a group hug!
So sorry to hear about Brother Marlow Riley, so great that you were able to sing at his funeral.  You are so amazing and blessed with so many talents.

Lubango and Huambo Elders & Sister Merrill

Mission Conference in Lubango

So Elder Money and I saw the blessings from all our hard work, as it was our last week together.  We also set goals and one was to gain the trust of the members. We have really seen the difference and have had success through the members and it has really helped the branch.  The branch has been experiencing real growth and inactive members coming back to church also. We are teaching Teodoro and his family, his wife is very prominent in the Methodist church and he is nervous to tell her, he is more interested with each lesson.
We have 5 baptismal dates set for may 10th with a family, Paula and her 4 kids.  Also there is a new family coming to church the Luisas family and they loved it, she said that she felt peace in her heart, she knew it was the right place. Fernanda also came to church and they all sat together, they are practically members already.

Dinner with President & Sister Merrill

So something happened and it reminded me of a story you told me from your mission Mom. We were on a busy road and there was a man holding down a lady on a bench and they were screaming and she was trying to get away from him and she was yelling that she wanted to die and take her life and run into the ongoing traffic. We were waiting for a taxi and then the lady broke free and the man yelled ajuda (help) and so I got between her and the street and held her back from running into the cars on the street, we finally got her down and into the neighborhood. I just felt sad the rest of the day. And later that night a young boy who was crying and he was pushing his brother's motorcycle and since he did not have the keys to it, the police stopped him and took the bike. We tried to intervene with the police but here you cannot and they were threatening to take us to jail. We had to show him our documents but mine had expired a week ago and the church hadn't sent the renewal.  I know The Lord protects us because the police ended up telling us to go home.
This week we had a soccer game with 7 members, literally in the grasslands of Africa, it was just dirt and big goal posts. It was awesome! We won 5 to 2, and there are some really good soccer players in our branch. We are going to play regularly, I can't wait..hopefully this will up my game!

Road In Lubango

So our baptisms are set for the day before Mother's Day, so hopefully all will go well. We have had great communication with President Marques, and we know the better friends you are with the members the more they open up and share their personal experiences with us. It has been an awesome 4 months with Elder Money, we are both ready for a change and are thrilled with the work we have done. We also came up with our ward missionary plan with everyone last night and we are helping to re-activate members. There is a lot of work and we will keep going, I love all the members here and the families we are teaching. Tonight we have a family night with one of our favorite families the Luisas. It will be awesome. I am glad I am staying another transfer and I will make the most of it.  I love you all so much.  Keep on moving forward! That's the motto in the mission!
Elder Dunkley

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