Jorge....what it's like for others to go through the process of Baptism...

Sunset in Lubango

Hi family! It is a bit rainy over here!  We woke up with the power out and raining hard.  I love the sound of the rain waking up.  First off, Mom I can’t believe you broke your finger in Cancun.  And that is great that you were able to go back to the Orphanages again.  Those iguanas looked cool, they have big lizards here and the other day one almost attacked Elder money!  I think my hand needs to be re-broken or something it hurts when little kids pull on it, we will just see when I get home.  It happened my first transfer here and it swelled up pretty big, but no need to worry.  I listen to the song “Have I done any good in the world today, such a great song, the mission makes me realize the important things that matter, and that is mainly doing what is right and being happy.  I am down here with some great missionaries and we talk a lot and are very close.
This week was absolutely fantastic Elder Money and I saw the miracles of the mission.  We also have a new Elder , Elder Garn  who flew to Angola with me!  He is replacing Elder Wilhelm who is going home.  We prepared Jorge for his baptismal interview, and he passed the pre-interview with flying colors, he has made so many changes in such a short period of time than I have ever seen anyone do on my mission.  We have such a strong connection with him.  I feel he is one of the reasons why I am here in Lubango.  Lessons come easy but progressing investigators are very hard to find.  Thank goodness Jorge showed up!  I want to come back here in 10 or 15 years and see him and his family.  It’s going to be awesome!  Elder Wilhelm gave his interview and was blown away, he asked if President Marques could baptize him and that his friend Henricks, who introduced him to us, to confirm him a member of the church.  So this Saturday and Sunday will be such a neat experience.  I honestly can’t wait for him to become a member of the church, it is going to be awesome.  He talks with President Marques all the time and they have a great relationship, so it will be a wonderful change for him to become a member. 
We also met an older man named Teodoro who has a lot of questions, but they are some of the best questions I have ever received on my mission.  Sister Lassalet from Luanda called and said that a member Juaquin Gonsalves was in the Hospital and we left to give him a blessing and what a miracle that Teodoro was in the bed next to him!  We explained to him about Priesthood blessings and he was able to witness the blessing we gave Jauquin.  We couldn’t believe what a blessing it was that Teodoro was there.  When a miracle like this happens you get a confirmation that you know that it was meant to be.  So awesome!  With Joaquin hey found out that he had 2 blood clots in his brain and had to have brain surgery he is now recovering and  doing OK.
We are still teaching the Primary and the Youth each week, we are excited for Jorge to hold a calling in the church!

Playing with the kids on the street

So another week has gone by and it was another great week of miracles.  Everything played out the way the Lord intended and the way we had planned also.  So Jorge and Elder Money and I were talking with Jorge at his house and we were in his living room and then after the lesson we came out and in front of his house facing outside the door there was the prettiest rainbow… ever, that I had seen here in Africa!  We pondered for a moment and talked about the rain and how it cleanses the earth and then comes the rainbow.  Jorge was like, that’s a sign from God,  symbolizing my baptism.  We smiled and were like yes it is…it was a wonderful moment.  I love Africans because they take time to feel and notice the signs of God and really listen.
On Saturday we got Jorge there and ready for his Baptism.  President marques was going to baptize him and Jorge was very nervous and he was emotional.  We got the font filled and Jorge changed into his white clothes and we were about to start but we couldn’t’ find Jorge.  So we went  looking and I went into the room behind the Baptismal font and I found him in the dark room praying and it was the first time I realized and felt what it’s like for another to go through this process.  I walked with him and felt something different about Jorge something I didn’t notice before.  It was an incredible experience.
Jorge was now baptized and after the Baptism, Elder Money and I sat in the front of the Chapel and reflected on how Jorge joined the church.
Some kids were playing soccer in front of us so we joined their soccer game with the flat ball as the sun was going down and just enjoyed it. 
I love Lubango so much.

River in Lubango

Jorge was confirmed a member on Sunday and it was a remarkable day.
I know that the Lord works in marvelous ways, and it’s not my will, but it is always His.  I know that He can only touch the hearts of our investigators, as He touches mine, a testimony I’ve learned is something that keeps on growing and doesn’t stop, I am so grateful to be here in Lubango, this is my favorite branch. 

I have never felt closer to the Lord and the members than here.

Wherever you care may the Lord watch over you.  I love Angola and I love my mission.

Love, Elder Dunkley  

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