More Safari pictures....Finding and teaching in Viana!

African Safari!

On the road to the Safari!

So here are all the other pictures from the Safari from Monday, such an awesome day and a once in a lifetime experience!
So it is a lot tougher here in Viana. But we had a successful week.  We met with Irma Papita and we taught her family the first lesson and then we met with Abel and his wife, they are married which is a plus. We met with Marcos and then later we were able to have a return visit with Leu and gave him a Book of Mormon. So after that we ran into someone on the street who said we could teach this afternoon so I called him and he invited us to his house, super cool guy named Valter, he has a family and we were able to leave them with a message also.
I was able to give my first lesson in English as we met with a super cool guy named Mathew, who lived in Ethiopia.
On Saturday we woke up and went to clean the church and had to mop and clean the capela. We then knocked doors after that and met some really cool families.  We also did some member visits and gave lessons on eternal perspective.
We met a lady named Maria and we were able to give her the first discussion, her house smelled like dead chickens, I don't know, something was in the air. We then went to Gildo's, big guy, really buff, super cool he is married and has 2 kids. We then had coorolation with Irmao Ignacio.
On Sunday everyone bore their testimony because it is a smaller ward.  President and Sister Merrill were there. We went home to eat as they don't offer to feed the missionaries in this ward, the people are very poor.  We had no food at the house so we made what we could for lunch.. rice and beans!
This week we had a lot of success, just need to keep getting those return visits! Have a great week and I hope that you are finding joy in the work!

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