Emergency Transfers......Norberto's family came to church!

Chasing Chickens in Viana

This area has a lot of people who need to hear the Gospel, It is a little bit slower than my first area but its going well!
Anyway so Dad you were released from the Bishopric!! Wow that's one big change already that has happened, but you were in there for a long time 4 1/2 years!! And mom leaving for Honduras that is going to be cool! We will be at almost the same longtitude, or at least a little bit closer.  I want to learn Spanish when I get home that way I can speak to the yard crew and go on trips like that, that will be way cool...Seria Multo fixe (that would be really cool) Be safe and write me before you leave!
Well this week we went and talked with a lady named Bela..so funny story Elder Banta and I just got here about 5 weeks ago and we really don't know our areas that well, so we walked to this ladies house and somehow ended up in my area, which I recognized, so we taught a lesson right here in my area. So after we taught Bela we were in a taxi for about an hour because it takes forever to get out to their area, then we visited with a lady named Rosa and talked about the Book of Mormon.
So Elder Hannay and I had a discussion with Osvaldo and we talked about the Sabbath day and the stress that he was having, just so happened that my Mom talked about stress with me in the last email she sent me. I told him that we always have a choice how we are going to react to every situation and to pray for help, anyways great lesson.  Then we talked with Norberto and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and asked him to pray about it, he said that he would come to church on Sunday.  We met Julho who works for the Police and he offered us Fantas, which is always a good sign!  Then we went to dinner, we actually got a dinner appointment here in Viana,  with Irma Ana, it was a great dinner.

Branch President's dog

So when we got home there was some confusion, so this past week an Elder in Terra Nova was stabbed and robbed.  He was stabbed 3 times in the back and the miraculously the knife did not penetrate, so they stabbed him in the arm and he ended up getting stitches. In these situations you know that the missionaries are protected.  Anyway so President Merrill got him out and has been doing emergency transfers all over the place.  So he told Elder Whitacker (Elder Banta's companion) that his is going to Huambo and Elder Hannay my companion( He is going to Terra Nova).  Now Elder Banta and I are companions and in charge of Viana A, B & C.  We are the only 2 missionaries in Viana and we have 3 areas...its madness, plus we have only been here 5 weeks!
In the afternoon Elder Abdo came to pick them up, so I'm now companions with Elder Banta so that night we visited Garcia and talked about the importance of The Book of Mormon, then we also taught a family in Elder Bantas area about the Restoration.
On Saturday we were able to teach Paulino and visit with Pedro a recent convert. We had a great discussion with Max. Oh also we have been out of water for about a week now at the house!
Sunday we went to Estalagem and we tried to find this one house where Lala and Tati and Enzo lived but I didn't know the area well still so we just walked where I felt we should go and somehow we got there! We read the Book of Mormon with them. Their kids are around ages 9-11 and they will be getting baptized soon. We had a return visit with a guy named Anderson and taught about the Restoration , super cool.
So Sunday super cool thing happened Norberto came to church and after church I saw that he brought his entire family! He said that he is going to be bringing his family here each week! Super stoked!  After church we had choir practice for 2 hours as will sing next week in the district conference.  That is going to be way awesome! Also I am getting my new companion Elder Dredge who has been in Huambo he comes this Tuesday, super excited! This week has been awesome and exciting!

Elder Hannay on the Moto-taxis!

Loving this mode of transportation!

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