Taxi stuck in the sand...first time leading the choir!

Weekly planning outside our Apt.

Lizard tail we found in our Apt.

The new area is not going as well as I would like, it’s a struggle for us to get people to church…the biggest problem in Angola…it’s been tough but we have been finding a ton of people, so everyone knows who we are, it’s just a matter of time.  Elder Hannay are effective in our teaching we really want to connect with them and teach with the spirit.
I am happy that you are sending another sport watch, which would be so helpful!  I can actually run at this new place that I live, SUPER Awesome!!  Can’t wait to do another Marathon with you mom, when I get back…then the IRON MAN!
So on Monday we had a family night at the church with some of the youth and the branch President and we talked about the difficulties and challenges the rising generation face.  I bore testimony on giving the Lord our weaknesses and He will turn them into our strengths and I shared a story from the week before. 
We went to Pegar and Rebecca’s and had a lesson with them and then we met with another family that had 2 kids named Lala and Ezno and we read with them in the Book of Mormon and I was able to give them 2 Disney Books in Portuguese that my mom had sent me in a package. Anyways super cool. They were so happy and grateful.  So then an unfortunate thing happened I ran out of money and Elder Hannay didn’t have any either…just 100 quanzas, which was enough to get one of us back in a taxi, unfortunately I did not realize this until we were already in the taxi.  Thankfully,  talking in Portuguese some Lady overheard me and offered to pay for the taxi ride to get us home, such a blessing!
On Wed. we had district meeting, I love my district!  Then our first appointment of the day was in Vila and we sat with this lady named Maria and we talked about the Book of Mormon and after she told us that she believed that it was the word of God.  We then knocked doors and shared some spiritual messages with a few African families.  It was a little sad that our return visits we had planned for the night fell thru but the Lord is having us plant a lot of seeds this transfer.
At the end of the night we went and talked with a referral from the Elders in Congolens and his name was Telmo super cool he has a family of 3 and is planning on getting married.  When we met up with him in the street we walked to his house and he held my hand the whole way there, It is part of the culture to hold hands here with your friends, so that was a good thing, a little strange for me at first but hey it if gets a good friendship going I am all for it.
So on Friday we went to Chip and knocked doors for the afternoon and then we ran into a recent convert driving named Oswaldo.  So we went into his car and went over to his house.  He has been struggling to come to church and sit with us so I shared with him a quick message and I used a quote my Mom had sent from President Thomas S. Monson. “Your future is as bright as your faith” and he loved it and then I read a scripture in Ether about Faith.
We had discussions with Rosa and then Garcia and we gave him a Book of Mormon, he has great potential!  So after that we went had had a return visit with Jojo and we taught him about the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon but he didn’t really understand much as he is not that educated so we will have to rely on the spirit to touch his heart.  Keep praying for him.
I had a wonderful interview with the Mission President and he gave me so much counsel on how I can improve spiritually. I love him.
So on Saturday we had a great day planned but the second we go to our area my companion got a horrible care of the African runs, (if you know what I mean) so we had to book it to a place that had a bathroom.  Turns out he got really sick, and we had to go home, and of course on the way home, another series of unfortunate events happened, so our taxi got stuck in sand, so all 8 of us get out and there isn’t another taxi coming, so me and the corbrador push for about 10 minutes trying to get the taxi out of the sand while my companion is on the side of the road trying to hold in the African runs, praying for help..I assumed, anyways that was unfortunate, so we came back home for a bit he rested up and luckily felt better in the late afternoon.  So we went out and taught a boy named Leu the importance of the Book of Mormon and that it is by Faith that he will have a desire to be baptized.  We focused on a way that he can gain the faith and a testimony that he needs in order to be baptized.
So on Sunday I lead the choir after church because Elder Whitacker who normally does it was busy.  I had no idea what I was doing but no one really sang that well, so I don’t think they noticed. So after church we were fed for the first time here we had a huge lunch from Irma Simeada and she made us a stew and rice. I love you all, amo voces!!

And yet more Safari pictures!!

Look what's up ahead!

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