Giraffe on the Safari!

This week we were able to go on a Safari! We had a sleepover at the Gamek's the night before because we had to get up at 4:30 to leave by 6:00 at the Chapel.  We met President Merrill there.  We had so many wonderful views, leaving Luanda was amazing and I got to see the real beauty and nature of Angola.  There were also ocean views. We saw a lot of rivers on the way. We went off-roading in the plains to get to the Safari range.  We saw a bunch of giraffes on the way into the park, super cool, Elder Lopex who is a Senior missionary let us ride in the back of his truck and we all took photos and saw lots of animals.

When we got to the park we saw a bunch of monkeys and we all got to feed them and they would grab bread out of our hands.

For the Safari they loaded us in a Huge truck and we went off on a very bumpy ride. and a lot of tree branches hit us in the arms and face.  I had a huge branch hit me in the face while I was recording...really hurt though.  We saw Giraffes and Wildebeests and deer and Antelope.


 We saw a bunch of animals and beautiful scenes of Africa it was wonderful, we had the best time, such a one in million experience!

Beautiful scenery!

Unique trees!

Greatest day on the Safari!

So I can't believe that its already been 20 week in Angola! Time has surely flown by!  Things are getting so unreal I think I have forgotten what it is like to live in the United States.. Estou acostumar agora...I am getting used to everything here.  The summer is starting up here and each day it gets a little bit warmer.
The new area is tough.. Elder Hannay and I get a lot of first lessons in, with mainly new people, the hard part is getting the return appointments, in Cassaquel we could get a lot of return visits but here it is a lot more difficult.  We do stick out here in Angola and the word is getting spread everywhere, I think just about every neighborhood has our pamphlets and Book of Mormons, we pass out a lot of them,
At District meeting this week I got a bloody nose...so random..first time that has happened in my life, lots of blood..strange. So after the meeting we grabbed a couple motorcycle/taxis to ride out to Filomena's.  We talked with her for awhile and left her with a spiritual message.  Then we went to Puchi and Naira, and we taught them about the Priesthood because he will be receiving it next Sunday.
We had a reference for Fernando and it did not get very far because all he wanted to do was ask about a million questions about our lives back in the United States.  After that Elder Hannay wasn't feeling well so we went back to the house and he rested for a few hours...some kind of stomach issue that has been going around the Viana house. He rested for a couple hours and then we went back out and met Timotio and Cristina and then we had a return visit with Kelson. Thank goodness for those return visits as we try for those like crazy right now! We met again with Erisilia too!
So on Sunday President and Sister Merrill showed up for the meeting, super cool and right after Priesthood session the first meeting, President Pedro came up to me and Elder Hannay and asked if one of us could give a talk during sacrament meeting..I said immediately that i could do it and then he said I could talk on whatever I wanted.  I had no idea what I was going to talk on..and nervous out the wazoo. So I worked on it during Sunday School and decided on Obedience.  I gave my talk, sweating through my shirt I was able to finish smoothly thank goodness.  I also sang in the choir in front of the ward.  It did not sound the best but it was the best Angolans could give.
Love you all!

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