New Companion....Pick pocketed.....Viana!

My new companion Elder Hannay in Viana!

We had transfers and now I am in Viana with Elder Hannay so excited to work with him! Viana is on the outskirts of Luanda. Also great news about the Temple in Kishasa, Congo that will be the closest one to Angola, can't wait till it is finished for the members here.
So it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to some of my investigators...I miss them already, anyways there were some tears shed and lets just say it was not the best day.  I already don't like leaving this area because of that reason, anyways, but it was a good experience to feel the love from so many.  So you met Brother Weggeland, I love him he is way cool, anyways super stoked to get the package.
The work here in Viana is way different than the work is in Cassaquel, its a lot slower because the area is super big, actually right now we have 2 areas combined and that make up our area, so its massive, anyways there is less noise and more space which is awesome. We have to travel to the city to get good Internet each P-day. We are getting 12 new missionaries withing the next 2 months! It's going to be awesome, so about half of the missionaries will be trainers.
So I got pick pocketed this morning on the taxi! This business guy hopped in and looked like he was fidgeting in his pocket for something and I noticed that I felt something so I looked down and his hand was in his pocket so I didn't think anything of it and when he left I realized that my wallet was gone. Super ticked, thanks for cancelling my card...now my driver's license...I guess I'll get when I get back.
So the day after receiving the information on transfers we went to say goodbye to all the families.  We went to Irma Bias and had family night there.  Seresty Grandy was there also and we bore our testimonies to him and said Goodbye.  We then went to Antonio Jovete and it was hard saying goodbye to him and all of the newly baptized members that are doing so well in their progression in the church. I gave him a big hug before I left the area, super sad anyways after that we went and said goodbye to Claudia and Stella and left them with my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and how I believe it to be true, Claudia has a baptismal date and Stella is working towards on hers.  So I am excited to see them get baptized in the future.  After that we went to Rocha and I said goodbye to Graciano and then Francisco, we were able to have a discussion with each of them and I was able to leave them with my testimony.
We then went to Kito and Miloka's and stayed for a bit to say goodbye, I hope that they will be married soon and then be able to get baptized, they are looking forward to it in November, super excited.

Saying goodbye to Kito and Miloka and Family

Then we went by Joao and Paulas and said goodbye to that whole family...super sad..but I know they will be fine.  I just pray that the whole family will one day be baptized.

Saying goodbye to Joao and Paula, and Family

 We then had a group dinner at the Lassalets house. She is kind of like the Mom of all the missionaries, anyways she made us grangeteii, my favorite and then we said goodbye to them.

Saying goodbye to the Lassulet Family

After that we visited my favorite family...which was the hard part..said goodbye to Rita and Paulo and Orpheu(son) and also Lou( daughter) and also said goodbye to Sidonia and their were tears shed on both side...super sad, I am hoping that one day they will be baptized.

Rita & Paulo & Family

My Good Friend Paulo

More Goodbyes...

The next day Elder Abdo showed up at the house in his truck to pick me up to go to Viana.  I said goodbye to Elder Montgomery (sad moment) and I was off to Viana. When I arrived I met my new companion Elder Hannay and I unpacked. I am super excited to work with Elder Hannay, he is way cool and way pumped to serve in Viana.  So after that we went and knocked doors for a few hours.  I love knocking doors, here in Africa you get in about 99 percent of the time.

Filomena in Viana

So we went to go see one of my first recent converts Filomena who had moved to Viana and she is now in my area! Way cool! We went to visit her, we had to go way out on the outskirts of Viana to get to her house. We had to ride on motorcycles to get there, it was way fun, we rode them through the sand and on the road.  It was great to visit with her, she is doing amazing.

Motorcycle ride to Filomena's

After that we went to visit a recent convert Puchi and he is way cool he smiles at literally everything.
Saturday some of Elder Hannay's investigators were getting baptized, way cool there were 2 baptisms, after that we all went to Pizza Perfect for lunch with all the church leaders.  So after that really cool story we got into a taxi to come home and I sat in the front seat, and noticed that there was a pamphlet that was sitting on the dashboard, the same guy we had made contact with a few days ago, super cool, his name was Nono and I forgot to get his contact info. the last time and so I asked him and he said Kalemba 2 and that is part of our area!! super cool!!

My bed in Viana...to protect against Malaria



After that we had District meeting with the new Elders, way cool, I am loving Viana and my new district is awesome, there are 4 of us living in the Viana house and soon we will have 6 Elders.

Cool trees here in Viana!

Viana & friends

The Church here is small and there are less members, I got to meet a lot of people...trying to remember their names. Filomena called during church and said she was locked out of her house and could not make it to church.  I was really sad...hoping for next week.  After church I sang in the choir...once again... (Riley) the choir is pretty much the same here as it is in Luanda, no one really knows how to sing, we are practicing a lot to prepare for the special musical numbers, so after that we had lunch at President Pedro's house.  He was called to be Branch President after being a member for only 6 months.  He has a lot of Faith. 
Well it was a great week, got to know the area and also my companion, super excited to serve here and the people of Viana!

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