Contacts and Cliffs and Seminary Graduation in Africa!

On top of the Cliff on the other side of the World!

Loving the view!

I am loving Lubango, I want to stay here forever!  The Work here in Africa is booming and it’s an exciting time to be a missionary.  Wow Riley you made the Varsity Team! That’s Amazing!  I am also needing new shoes as I have had to repair them 2 or 3 times and new boots would be nice, it rains so much here that we have to walk through rivers, it feels like anyway!  I loved the package so much… peanut butter and honey are so expensive here, so thanks, I had some this morning with pancakes it was so awesome!
So this week is rained harder than ever.  I felt like it was hurricane season in Texas, which can get pretty bad.  We were soaked by the rains and everything got wet!

Jumping across!

Elder and Sister Lopez, married couple- missionaries and Elder Wilson left this week.  We spent time in meetings and getting things organized for the Lubango Branch.  We are seeing some progression in two of our investigators.  Jorge, a friend of a member named Henrickes, that is working towards baptism.   He came to a baptismal service on Friday and after he said that he wasn’t far away from that..I gave him a hug and I could tell that he was able to feel the spirit, which I think is one of the best things.  He is participating at church and getting involved during Gospel Principles.  He is working hard to be able to be baptized on Feb. 22nd. He has to leave town for Military purposes so we are hoping that it will happen before he needs to leave. We also have another investigator her name is Zani she is about 15 or 16 and is very smart.  We also are also teaching an investigator  who has been taught by the missionaries for a long time but is finally getting baptized on the 8th of Feb. Which I am way pumped for! We are getting him prepared and I hope everything goes well!  We went over the baptismal questions with Domingos to make sure that he is ready for his interview, he is excited to be baptized.  We had training with the Zone Leaders this week as it is just 4 of us in Lubango.  We talked a lot about the growth of the ward and how we can get the Branch to flourish.  There is great member support here and it is truly a blessing when the members are helping you and the work really grows a lot more effectively.  I am so grateful for member support!  So Elder Lopez came down (Brazilian Missionary) in his 60’s a super funny guy and he came to the house to give us all training that I think we all needed to hear.  He talked about our emotional and physical health, our well being and trying to stay happy.  He has served a mission and he knows that it is tiring and that you can get very exhausted. He talked about how we need to be a support unit for each other since there are only 4 of us down here.  He pointed out that everyone wants to talk to us because we look different and everything and this can also be very tiring.  But is the mission and you just have to force up a smile and the Lord will do the rest. 
On Sunday it was a great day and we had a great turn out at church. I brought suckers to keep the kids quiet during Sacrament meeting.  After that we ate at the Branch Presidents house, it was a beautiful day and we ate outside and had a wonderful meal.
Then we went to the church for the seminary graduation meeting, even here in AFRICA! It made me think of when I graduated seminary!  We had cake and there were lots of the youth here that are preparing to leave on missions.  Last year we had 13 missionaries leaving from Angola!
Other than the parasite and allergy that I have had over the past week or two the missionary work has never been better! We are contacting everyday and always looking for new members and investigators to teach and the work here is thriving and I am loving this area here in Lubango!  I hope to stay here for awhile! I wish you all the most wonderful week full of spiritual experiences!  We had a wonderful week and the Lord is my life at all times! I hope that you recognize that too!

Love Elder Dunkley

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