Serra de Leba mountain and....the Chameleon!

Serra de Leba

Serra de Leba Mourntain

On the cliff at Serra de Leba

On the edge at Serra de Leba

Lubango is probably the coolest province!  Today we went to go and see Serra de Leba, which is a windy road that goes up a mountain on the way to Namibia... super cool... It had cliffs too, I didn’t get too close this time Mom!
Some great news! We just got 3 new elders here!! I won’t be meeting them any time soon, maybe in a few months, but anyways so Visas are finally coming thru.
 I love Lubango so much! We have a baptismal date marked with a man who has been investigating the church for about a year, he decided to not get married and join the church. Elder Wilson and Elder Wilhelm had a baptism this past Saturday it was way cool, our baptismal pia(font) is way tiny,  and Elder Wilhelm is so big it is difficult to baptize under the water.   Things are going very well, and I am loving the area!  Elder Wilson leaves next week, wow Mom you are heading to another trip to Honduras hopefully you won’t get any parasites!
So here in Lubango., the members are really strong and they work with the missionaries.  I’ve never had more close relationships with members on my mission, than here in Lubango. They are so wonderful, and we are working with them and their friends, for referrals. I am finding that it is a really good way to do missionary work. My companion and I are doing great... the work continues to move on strong!!

Cristo O Rei statue like the one in Brazil

Cristo o Rei statue..its huge

This week I was on a division with Elder Wilhelm in my area, and we had a lot of success.  We taught this guy named Belmiro inside his taxi.  He explained to us his biggest concern was being afraid of going to church, because a lot of churches here can put fear into people especially if they aren’t paying tithing.  So we explained to him that he wouldn’t feel any fear if he came to our church. Cool lesson..then we taught another new guy named Simao and we had a lesson just getting to know him and his pasture friends.. they offered us a drink we talked about the church... super cool guys... very open.. they were from The Congo... and spoke French and Portuguese! So this Sunday at church we had about 82 people come! Super good turn out!!  We had so many new people come!! We didn’t have to teach primary thankfully... oh also we are teaching one members friend named Henrickes, who is such a cool guy!  We are helping him make changes in his life of giving up alcohol and other things, and make good choices for friends, I know that will help him a lot. After we met some more of Henrickes friends playing foosball outside of one of the bars. They challenged Elder Money and I to some games,  I wrecked, haha, I won like 8 times in a row,  then a really good Angolan was destroying and beat me, anyway super fun..


More of me and the Chameleon!

Well this week was a success, I can see the Lord’s hand in our work each and every week, focusing on those that are ready to hear the Gospel and having the spirit with me during lessons is my focus. It’s a wonderful time to be a missionary I love you all sooo much and I wish you the best week! Love Elder Dunkley!

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