Changing their lives because of the Gospel, it amazes me every time...

Elder Money and I tracking in Lubango

Hello family! I can’t believe that Brother Johnson was here in Angola and was able to attend a Sacrament meeting…way Cool! So this week we had a lot of success we are working with 2 individuals who are getting baptized soon.  Domingos will be getting baptized this Saturday and the Branch President Marques will be baptizing him.  He passed his baptismal interview with flying colors..he is so ready to be baptized and is way excited!  This is also really exciting for us since this will be the first baptism in Lubango since we were transferred. Way awesome! Jorge is still planning on getting baptized on Feb. 22nd.  He is making so many miraculous changes in his life and has done a complete life turn around.  It is so wonderful how a person can just get up and change their life because of this Gospel, it amazes me every time.  Jorge’s best friend Henrickes is a really strong support with him.  The Lord is helping him overcome his challenges and we are seeing miracles because of it.  Can’t wait till his baptism in 2 weeks! I was gave him some of the donated ties and he showed up at church with one on, his friend had showed him how to tie it! Super awesome!

On the streets of Lubango with Elder Money

We are also working on getting more families sealed here in Lubango, which is the main goal.  This week the other Elders went to Huambo to do a zone meeting there so Elder Money and I were the only one in Lubango for a few days.  The furthest Elders away from the mission home (18 hrs.) it felt weird , but it was a pretty cool experience, we are doing a lot of work down here and teaching the Gospel. 

Making contacts in Lubango

 We spend a lot of our time contacting people, we are trying to build a base in this area, so eventually when the next Elders come in.  The time is going by so fast I cannot believe it!  Iam really enjoying this area on my mission!  I cannot wait to be with my family again, but the work must continue on. I love you all! Chau Chau!!

My good friend RUI !

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