Learning of Grandpa Dunkley's passing.....working harder than ever...

Wow I loved all of your emails today they made me smile. I really have been having an interesting morning. I learned about Grandpa Dunkley's passing just this morning when President Merrill gave me a call. It was our P-day and I was cleaning our bathroom and I didn't know what to think. I was very grateful I was at least able to say goodbye to him. I was grateful that Elder Money was here too. When we were companions in Lubango he also had a Grandfather pass away, so he knew how it feels. It's something that made me think a lot and made me think of the reason why I am out here. Suddenly my purpose became more clear and it was a wonderful reminder that filled my heart. Dad, this week I felt a significant boost of strength, in all aspects of my missionary work. It was as if someone took the burdens that I was carrying. I don't know if its true, but I think now I have Grandma Dunkley and Grandpa Dunkley pushing me a long and helping me through this. It's something that I cannot take for granted. I know why I came here and I know where I want to go. I do get homesick on the mission but I had a moment of where I remembered how I felt when I knew the church was true and I was lit from within.  I know why I am here and I know that Grandpa and Grandma's spirits have gone on and it's strange but as a missionary I think I feel closer to them than that if I were at home. I know they are here with me.
That was my morning, this week was also wonderful. My companion and I are having a blast he is super fun and he likes to pull pranks and we get each other all of the time. We played soccer with the Branch, something Elder Money and I did in Lubango and now we have started up the tradition here in terra nova. We played this African team and we got destroyed. It was bad. they weren't showing any mercy and they shoved us around a lot, but I gave them a couple of knees and shoulders too. Africans like to play rough, you just got to show them who's boss. Elder Brown and the other 4 Elders took off for home this week. It was sad saying goodbye to them as they were awesome Elders I loved them. I will see all of them when I get back. We are getting 4 new elders from Mozambique today and Elder Marqueza(my companion) is so excited, because they are also from his native land of Mozambique. So the mission is taking a turn. more Africans and less Americans. so my chances for getting a native companion keep on going up! I love native companions they are always making fun stories to tell. This week also we worked a lot~. very hard working week. getting to know the area still and I really like it, more than I thought I would. President Merrill and Sister Merrill are the best Mission Presidents ever! They are awesome! I really love them! well that was pretty much my week. 
Week ending 5/26/14:
Things are going great over here in Terra Nova. I like the area it is a little bit rough. I am also in the same area as Serafim who was baptized. I saw him at church he is doing really awesome, still strong and a lot happier since I first met him. I am also able to understand him a lot better now. I have another native companion. He is awesome. He has been in the mission for 3 months and he is just a fireball, really funny and loves to pull pranks, so we have a lot of fun. I have been working with Elder Brown also who is going home on Wednesday, just finished his mission, he lives in California. He is a super missionary.  I like the house here in Terra Nova, not as great as Lubango but it always has hot water and energy because the buiiding we live in only runs off of generators! We also live right in from of a soccer field!  This morning we played soccer against some Angolans and destroyed them. It was 5 vs 5. it was a lot of fun. they also have some good food places here. We just ate at a Muslim Restaurant, that was good and it's only a dollar per meat pocket! Mom I've found the African equivalent of Taco Bell! Hopefully I don't get food poisoning!

The Branch here is so awesome! With lots of priesthood holders. I think that our Branch has the highest number of men out of all of the Branches. Well I love you all so much, don't miss me too much...or else I will too! I love you! THANK YOU sooo much for all of the support that you give me! I love you all with all of my heart! Take Care! LOVE YOUR BROTHER AND SON Elder Dunkley(:

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