Transfer to Luanda...Goodbye beautiful Lubango!

My friend Moses in Lubango!

It was awesome to hear from all of you on Skype!! Sorry the connection wasn't that great, that's what you get with an African Mission, but at least I was able to hear all of you! 4 hours of Skype and about  20 minutes of connection! I looked forward to it the entire day and it was so wonderful.  We didn't end up leaving the member's home until 1 in the morning until all the Elders skyped. The Internet was so bad and I am very tired right now. I got a few good looks at all of you when the connection was up and you all look so great! Mason and Jensen's voices sound so different! Crazy! You are growing so fast!  And Prom, Riley you looked so beautiful! Wow the Iron man, I hope I can do that some day!
So this last week we have had great success, we have been working with Jorge again and he has been walking and teaching with us again and he is awesome.  He is really good with people he is really and so the lessons run very smooth. President Marques has gone by his house two times this past week to talk with him and help him out and give him advice. It was really awesome when I heard about that! Jorge has a phone now and so its been very easy to get  a hold of him and set appointments with him. 
We had a great mutual activity this week, we played Charades and it was so fun! We did movies and some of them, only me and Elder Garn knew. It was a lot of fun, so also this past Sunday we got to watch conference for the first time! It was great! I loved hearing it! We were a little bit behind everyone but it took so long for the DVD's to get over here in Africa.  It was wonderful the chapel had energy and everything correu muito bem, entao que mais. Well we had the assistants come down this week and i walked with Elder Clifford, he is going home in two weeks. He was very sick and so was Elder Garn, so many of us were sick. I took medicine, but I'm still left with a sore throat, but it's passing. 
I really enjoy divisions (splits) they are like adventures for me. I love planning a day full of just finding people to teach on divisions. I always meet really cool people and have great experiences. We taught some new people and explored new areas that I had never been in before. That's one thing I love about this mission is that the neighborhoods here are like giant mazes! You enter in and you don't know where you will end up.  It's really fun and you see knew stuff all of the time. We came out of an ally way in the neighborhood and came across a huge water hole in the middle of nowhere with like 30 people pulling up water and washing clothes and making lunch. They all looked at us like what are you doing here!  This week was wonderful! I'm loving Lubango. I don't know how much more time I have down here but I hope for more. If not then its back up to Luanda where the chaos reigns!  But I'll get used to it again.

On top or Serra De Leba with Belmiro and Gabriel

Week of May 12th:
So I just got transferred here to Luanda! It's very hot and there is a lot different than Lubango. I have been transferred to one of the toughest and roughest ares of Luanda, Terra Nova... I don't how to describe how I feel about it. I'll be getting another native companion. Elder Marquez. He is also from Mozambique. He is very tiny guy, about half of my height and very skinny. Hopefully we won't run into any trouble. This is the same area that Elder Chandler was stabbed in and also Elder Kelsey. Just around the house, because it's in a tough location. We will see how it goes. I was sad to leave Lubango. I wanted to stay longer, but I already was there for almost 6 months there so my time was up. I'm still a little sick and not feeling too well. Remember when you guys asked me on the skype what I wanted to do when I go home? The first thing is go to chick-Fil- A and then immediately to the Doctor. And then the Dentist. They don't have any of those services over here, that I would go to.
There are some changes up in Luanda. Areas have been moved around and there are new Elders. I've finally met them, it's been a good change. We also had a member of the Seventy Elder Renlund come and talk with us.  I am excited about one thing in Terra Nova,  Serrafin, the first person I baptized is in my area. So I will get to go and see him!
Luanda is not anything like Lubango. There is so much more noise... Lubango is very pretty and a more relaxed environment  which is what I like. Today we played soccer for P-day. I scored some good goals, and some lucky shots. Things are going well we are walking with other Elders from Luanda also and visiting people. We still have not gone to Terra Nova. I go there tomorrow and start working. Wish me luck. We call it the outer darkness of Luanda. It's pretty ghetto....I don't know how much I will be walking around with my camera here in Luanda. We will see.. well I love you tons. It was so great to talk with you guys last Sunday. I miss you so much. Chau!!  Love Elder Dunkley

Last Day in Lubango

 I wish you all the best week and i love you all! chau!!!

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