Going Home...Goodbye Angola, Africa!!

President and Sister Merrill at the Airport...Going Home!

Hello Family,
This will be my last report home as I leave on Wednesday!! We played soccer this morning and went straight to the Internet cafĂ© so I don’t have my memory card with the pictures…it will have to happen when I get home.  There is really no one that can cut hair well here and no once in our house cuts hair so I think I will ask Sister Merrill tomorrow if she has time to give me a haircut.  I was thinking of just getting one right when I got home, a nice one before my homecoming talk, because I don’t want the buzz cut they give here.
I can’t wait for all those appointments that are set up, doctors, Orthodontist and Dentist! Should be great and hopefully they wont find any diseases! 
You are not going to believe that I finally got the Christmas package that you sent in November…now February!  It was a big one so I will give what I can away.  Some of the native Elders scrambled through it and took some stuff out so its going to good use.  Yes, I already gave away the suit and all the ties and I’ll just leave my clothes and other stuff for everyone of the natives here or Angolans.  I am going to try and get some sand from the beach before I leave.
Hopefully I can sleep on the plane and not be too excited! This week was saying a lot of goodbyes and also over the next couple of days before I leave there will be more…
Sorry so short, I will see you soon!

Love, Elder Dunkley

Saying Goodbyes

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