Visit to Agostinho Monument...General Conference...The Beach...Moises Commits!!!

At the Agostinho Neto Monument

Oct. 27th
This week with some of our investigators, Moises has confirmed with us that he will accept the 8th of November for Baptism! Super awesome! So this week he will be getting his interview probably on the Sunday.  We also went to Agostinho Neto monument where the king is buried.

Also we got to watch all the rest of the sessions of  General Conference as a Branch. Pretty much all of them yesterday at church, it was like 6 straight hours of Conference, people started leaving early at the end it was so long but it was so good.  We also had a Zone meeting where we had a lot of meaningful training. I think I am going to be transferred here in 2 weeks so I’m super excited that Moises will be baptized right before I will probably leave. So Mom, my hand is healed and I am healthy!
Oct. 20th
I think I am getting transferred out of this area soon so I will take pictures of everyone we are teaching.  Betinha is doing great, thank goodness she does not need to get married as that is everyone’s situation here! Carlos is struggling with drinking again and we had to go over there because his wife, he was messing up the house.  Beer is cheaper than water here about 70 cents so it is a huge problem.
So this week Henricks from Lubango, Jorge’s best friend came up to Luanda and called me and so we met up with him and he showed me where his Grandma lives, she is such a sweet nice lady.  She goes to her Pentecostal church every Sunday and it was great to hangout with Henricks, he is a really cool guy.
The work is going well over here, the area and branch is looking a lot better than when I first got here, and everyone here likes to get up and bear their testimonies.  It also gets pretty wild with all of the African Children running around.  I try and grab some at a time and calm them down!
I can’t believe on everything that I have gone through on the mission.  I don’t think I could have done any of it, unless the Lord was guiding me.
I love you all so much, Connor
Oct. 13th
It is getting a lot hotter over here in Africa…literally very hot so the sunburn from the beach is finally going away now from last week. Realizing my time is short I am definitely not counting the days, just the months. Just kidding, the only thing I am excited for is my own bed and to see all of you guys!
So this week we had a lot of great lessons, one person in particular that we are teaching is Betinha and she is 17.  She is very smart and we have taught her about the Restoration of the Church, the Book of Mormon and we are going to teach her the Plan of Salvation next.  We also set a Baptismal date with our investigator Moises who will be getting baptized on the 8th.  I just watched the trailer for “Meet the Mormons” My companion pulled it up on the computer next to me. Can’t wait to see it!
Agency is something I have been thinking about a lot recently I never really understood until recently, The Lord will never make anyone do anything.  We are capable of making our own decisions about anything.  I was really thinking about it and its such a wonderful thing.  I am very grateful to have my free agency. 
This morning I was reading in Alma chapter 62.  It was a great chapter when Moroni goes to aid Pahoran and bring back the Kingdom in order and then Teacum is killed after he sneaks into the Lamanites camp and kills their leader.  Such heroic men.  Well this week was wonderful, great lessons and teaching really cool people.  I love the people that we are teaching right now.  Also pray for Carlos, we went by his house last night and apparently he had been drinking again.  We are also teaching a really cool guy named Hamilton, he is 22. We hope we can challenge him to get baptized soon. I love you all so much!!
October 7th
This weekend was great, we got to watch General Conference and then we went to the beach yesterday, I got really sunburnt, we played football and ran in the sand and had lunch at the beach as well.  Positive Ions and Fresh Ocean Air were so nice to have yesterday.

Football and Lunch at the Beach in Angola with the Elders!

In watching General Conference I noticed that they talked about the Prophet and the Leadership of the Church, and sustaining the Prophet, in deed and in action.  I have been reading a lot about the stripling warriors and also about Moroni in the Book of Mormon.

Conference at the Mission Home

General Conference upshot!

Moises is 28 and single and he is progressing we have gone over everything except lesson 4.  I feel that he could be baptized here soon.  He is wondering if he can be baptized twice since he was baptized in the Catholic Church. Then we go over the Restoration and the Priesthood again. 
It is getting cooler over there as it is getting warmer over here. The Angola mission had a reunion in Utah this past weekend and I saw some pictures, its crazy to see everyone together.  The Elders that I met when I first got here are back home.  I have a new companion from Draper Utah his name is Elder Nash he is really cool and played football.  I am really excited to serve with him in this area.  We taught Carlos and Jurtude about Temples and Eternal Marriage.  We have noticed a great change in the family as the Gospel is being taught in their home. Carlos is trying to keep the Commandments and his wife is listening to the discussions. She hasn’t come to church yet but she makes us food!  I was spiritually fed and nourished during the Conference! Have a wonderful week, I love you all! Elder Dunkley

Missionaries in our Branch

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  1. "Beer is cheaper than water here..." Wow! I will share this with the family over Thanksgiving. We take so much for granted here in the U.S.! Connor looks great! We think about him often.