"Maos que ajudam" (Helping hands) project & Brother Johnson!!

Elder Ferguson, (different Carlos), Sister Merrill

Month of August

1st week:So this week I was robbed again, inside a taxi but this time I caught the guy in the act and got 6 Angolans on my side and they searched him and got my wallet back! So that was awesome! Unfortunately I jammed my finger pretty bad playing soccer on P-day as goalie, I have been icing it so it is healing.
I don’t know how much longer my shoes are going to last, the laces are broken and its falling apart- the entire shoe!
So this week was great with Carlos and his family, we had a wonderful lesson with him, he learns so well and retains everything and he is feeling the spirit just as we are.  It has been such an awesome experience teaching him. We also had a family night with the parents of some of the kids that are member and they are interested in the church, which is way awesome. We brought them cookies and sprite and they loved it!
Paulo is doing well and he is still working on getting married but we continue teaching him. Marlisa came to church! She also still needs to get married,  I hope that it will happen before I go home.
Speaking of home, I hope that when that time comes that I will not even want to go home that I will torn between the 2 countries.  I know that talk will come soon, mom where I will be wishing that I was back in Angola. The people here are really what makes the mission.  All of your emails have strengthened me and my testimony has been strengthened and throughout the mission I can feel the Lord’s hands in my life, pushing me to keep on going with a positive attitude and to make a difference in a world full of so much crud.
2nd week:Saturday I was able to attend a baptismal service of a girl that Elder Hannay and I found when I was in Viana about a year ago from today. It was Alberto’s daughter and it was amazing to see his daughter get baptized.  He called me Thursday to find out for sure if I would be there.  I didn’t expect this to come out of this family, it is amazing to see how the Lord works through people and how I was able to be a part of it and be an instrument in His hands.
We started doing Wed. night activities in the Chapel like how we used to in Lubango,  I miss Lubango so much!!! But here in Terra Nova we are starting it and we watched some Mormon messages on the projector in the Chapel and then we played Voce me Ama? (Do you love me) It was really fun and the people here are awesome, if there are people trying to mess with us, Angolans help out.  I think that they are sick of the crime and such.  All of my mission family members,( my trainer, brother and grandfather) that have served in this area have all been robbed so I am hoping it doesn’t happen to me.
3rd week: We have a big service project in Sao Paulo and we are cleaning up a praca- which is where people sell stuff like everywhere, lots of meats in the sun, haha, mom so just picture that!
So Mom, President and Sister Merrill are on the ball with the Ebola virus and have warned us all, so no need to worry there!

My apartment in Terra Nova

I am also trying to avoid the shaved head now and am going for the McCullough shake-down..just kidding.
4th week: This week we had a service project of helping hands, maos que ajudam. It was awesome.  We actually had one of our investigators Carlos Fonseca come and help out.  We cleaned up the Sao Paulo paragem, which is extremely dirty and Elder Yenoapolos got sick, it was so nasty.
This week we also had an investigator Farias come to church and he “adorei” which means he loved it!
I was able to see Brother Johnson Yesterday!! So awesome, it was so cool to see someone from home over here in Angola with me.  He came over to my apartment and everything and we were able to sit next to each other at church.  It was really fun! And I am glad that I got the shoes and all the much needed supplies…thanks!! I wasn’t even expecting this much!
This was definitely the highlight of my week, seeing Brother Johnson, it was amazing! 
We also had a great lesson with Farias and Maria, a couple that we are teaching and they really opened up to us yesterday, it was awesome. They were talking honestly and explaining their situation and really just feeling the spirit. It was such a worthwhile lesson and I really loved it.
Elder Money is back in our Apartment again and this week we were able to go to KFC so it was awesome!  We went after the baptisms on Saturday and had a great time. I love you all so much!  Especially you Jensen! 
Love Elder Connor Dunkley

Highlight of my week: Brother Johnson from my home ward!!

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  1. So great that brother Johnson could deliver supplies to Connor and spend time with him! What a wonderful man!!