Lubango !!

Climbing an Imbondeiro Tree in Lubango!!

President and Sister Merrill by the Imbondeiro Tree

Loving this Tree...Imbondeiro - National tree

I’m down here in Lubango! This place is just like paradise…it is so beautiful.  There is a beautiful mountain here called Tunda Vala and we are planning on going there!  They also have a Cristo Rei Statue like the one in Brazil, and it is on top of a mountain so we will be going there also. The weather here is a lot cooler.  Elder Wilson and I go running in the morning and it is so chilly that I actually need a coat.  The city has Christmas lights here and it is so much calmer.  I absolutely love it! I could not have picked a better time to leave Luanda than now…seriously Luanda is heating up like a pot on the stove. 

On our way....18 hour journey to Lubango

Sites along the way

I have been having allergies I think, I have had a constant cold for the past 2 weeks and I am really congested, but it will pass. Anyways Lubango is sure a remote place in comparison to Luanda.  It is also very pretty and has a lot more mountains and more to do here.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here, super awesome, I’m super excited and can’t wait to get started!

Along the River

So I am hearing about all your finals… very stressful…that is one thing that I like about the mission is that there are no tests and no grades, only the Lord’s work.  I love all of you so much keep being amazing and Riley keep singing!
Well it’s been a few days in Lubango and the trip down here was wonderful, so on Wednesday night Elder Money and I slept over at the AP’s house and we got all ready for our trip.  President and Sister Merrill showed up at 6 a.m. and we all loaded up our baggage and headed out.  The trip was so wonderful and so beautiful.  It was really fun traveling with the Assistants and also President and Sister Merrill.  Super awesome!  So when we arrived in Lubango it was very chilly, first amazing sign, the cold…back in Luanda it is heating up fast…so we settled in.  The house is absolutely wonderful, and the neighbors are great.  There are two giant dogs that guard our house, but when we enter they bark at us and try to bite, doesn’t make sense.  The next day we ate at a really great Restaurant Art Doce.  Then after that Elder Hyde showed us the area since he served there for 8 months.  We went around the city and visited some of the previous investigators and got to know the area…super cool.  The following day Elder Money and I did contacting the entire day and we tried calling as many people that we could find.  We are both new to the area.



On Saturday we had a ward activity and all the missionaries did a skit.  We did the day in the life of a missionary and Elder Money and I put on coats and the other Elders put their arms in behind and we acted out our day but they were doing everything with their hands.  It was super funny and all of the kids loved it!  Then on Sunday we had our Church service …I love the ward here…we got to hear the Primary Program and we had to get to the church at 7 to clean beforehand, it is a wonderful Chapel.  Very Humble and where we held Sacrament meeting is no bigger than my garage back at home, super tiny but I like it. Elder Money and I visited with Domingos after church it took us about an hour to walk to his house. We did contacts for about 3 hours after that and met a really cool kid named Misericordioso..which in English is Merciful. The work here needs a foundation,  Lubango is way awesome, I know that this transfer is purely guided by the hand of the Lord..where we will go and who we will teach.  I am excited to serve here and I hope that the work flourishes.  I know this Gospel is true.
Elder Dunkley


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